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15w ultrasound, boy???

Please take a look at my ultrasound and see if it looks like your's at 15 weeks or close. The person at the fetal photo place said he was sure it was a boy. I am skeptical because I have friends and family who had a similar looking ultasound, which was a girl. There are 3 "dots" in a triangle shape, which I heard is usually a girl. Let me know what you think! Thanks. My real ultrasound is not for another month.


Sorry, I couldn't get the pics to post to this.

Re: 15w ultrasound, boy???

  • I personally wouldn't run out and buy anything blue this early but it might be right...who knows.  I can't really "tell". My boy shot was a turtle for sure...but I was 21 weeks.
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    15 weeks is fairly early, but those technicians do this all the time!  They probably know best!

    I've always heard that it's three LINES, not dots, that indicate girl.


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  • I would definitely wait until your next u/s. I wonder why they told you this early? Was that supposed to be your big gender u/s?
  • hmmm the toilet shot looks like a boy to me. ?We had a gender U/S at 14 weeks 4days and we couldn't get a toilet shot, only the side shot. ?Here it is below. ?I think it looks kinda like yours, but it is clearer, because it is a still shot from a video.

    I wouldn't buy blue yet, but boy guesses are normally more accurate.



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  • thats a toughy! 3 lines, not dots, usually mean a girl, but the triangle shape is deceiving. All babies have a mini-weiner at first, some just go in while others stay out..lol. At our 13w Nt scan we had a pretty obvious weiner, but I still wasnt 100% (pic in bio). We confirmed at 19w...i would just hold out for now before buying anything!!! GL :)

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  • Maybe its a spinal tail thingy... LOL do you love my terminology.
  • I checked mine at 16 weeks and it was very obvious it is a boy (stuck out and everything). As someone who does ultrasounds for a living, I am very skeptical of yours.

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  • I had my "big" ultrasound at 16w2d...but our picture is much clearer than yours, so I can't really say if I would trust it or not.
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  • It is possible but I'd wait until the big u/s to be more positive.
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  • I had the same thing - 3 dots at my 15 week ultrasound. However, "three dots" doesn't mean much to me. With my daughter - there were two dots which the tech said were the ovaries. My husband and I guessed that 3 dots are the penis and testicles? No idea.

    Anyway... I was reluctant to buy anything until I we could confirm it. Had my "big" ultrasound at 19 weeks and confirmed - it's a boy (and this time I could see more that just dots - that's definitely a penis in there!).

  • My Doctor always described at as "hamburger vs hotdog".  But I have never seen a boy's u/s.  Just the ones that matched DD's.
  • I had a 15 wk 5 day one and it was 4D.  We are dangerously high-risk so my perinatologist has the best machine!  OMG, it was soooo obvious A was a boy and B was a girl and I am no tech (the doc had guessed the same thing earlier but this was no doubt for anyone in the room).  I don't really believe in the 12 wk scans telling but I do believe in the 15 wk ones after Thursday!

    To me it looks like a boy...  would keep the reciepts if I bought blue but I think you are safe.

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  • Looks like a boy to me but like everyone else said I wouldn't start buying blue just yet. I have my big u/s at 19w3d and it was obvious that she was indeed a she with three lines.

    Good luck though.

  • Looks like a boy to me...here is my u/s pic from 13 weeks...it looks exactly like yours and we are having a boy!


  • I looks like a boy I don't see the three lines that I have seen with both of my girls. That looks like my sono we had done 14wks.
  • Thanks so much everyone for your thoughts! No, this wasn't the "real/offical" ultrasound. I will have that in 4 weeks. I just went to the fetal photo place in the mall.
  • Awesome! Thank you sooo much for sharing your u/s. They do look very similar. It very well could be a boy.

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