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Feeling the first kicks

I think I just felt her kick for the first time. I was laying on my stomach (which I do rarely) and I felt like something was rolling in my stomach. I rolled onto my side and haven't felt it since, but it made me nauseated. This is my first pregnancy so it's all very new to me. So i guess what I'm asking is: did she kick or am I just getting nauseated again??


Re: Feeling the first kicks

  • It sounds like you felt her move, not nec. kick but that doesn't really matter. Movement is movement :) My feeling is, if it's something you've never felt before in your entire life and you're feeling it around that time, it's probably the baby!
  • I used to get nauseated when my little one would move. I think she was turning from side to side, or flipping over maybe, and it would make my stomach sink and I'd feel sick. Thankfully it's been a couple of weeks, and now I just get kicked.
  • Ditto jcm. I say if you feel something funky, it's the baby. I had those questions more with the flutter stage. I wondered if it was "just gas." But then I said to myself, gas has never felt like that before.

    Congrats on having your first baby feeling! Now it's time to let your hubby share in the fun. :)


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  • that's awesome, I felt the first movements earlier this week and everytime I feel our LO move I can't help but smile.  Its such an amazing feeling!


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