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My shower is 7 weeks from tomorrow, and I can't help thinking about it! We're going to a mall in Nashville to try and find a mat dress that is dressy. Just wondering if you ladies are/have been buying your shower dresses online, or are able to find a great dress in stores? I'm hoping Motherhood Maternity (I think that's the right name) has something decent for me!


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  • I am not a dress girl, at all. So I can't imagine I would want to be in one in the heat of August and 8 months pregnant.

    I plan to wear this shirt, with some jeans and chuck taylors. Just more my style. My shower will be at our house, and I want to be comfortable and not tugging on my clothes all day.  



  • My only word of advice is to maybe look now, but if you have seven weeks you might want to wait until it's a little closer to buy the dress.  In seven weeks it might not fit the same as it does now.  (depending on the style you choose and all)  ....I say this because I went shopping today and sizing was WAY different than the last time I went maternity clothes shopping around 17 weeks.  G/L!
  • Personally I'm not a pg dress wearing girl.  I had 3 showers and only 1 was where I had to wear something nice.  I wore nice black maternity pants and a nice maternity top.  The other two I was able to wear jeans and a top.
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  • My shower is not until Aug & since I can't stand wearing pants anymore - I bought capri's & looked at some mat skirts. GL with shopping hun =)
  • I'm excited to buy my shower dress too. I keep wanting to go look around but I'm holding off because I know I will want to buy one. lol. I am making myself wait until around two weeks before the shower.
  • I bought my shower dress online from the Gap at about 15 weeks, at that time it fit in the shoulders, but was wayyyy to big in the belly.  My shower is a week from tomorrow, and now it fits perfectly.  I would have waited, but it was on sale and one of the only things I found that I liked, so I jumped on it. 
  • My shower's in 3 wks and I just got mine today. ?I was going to order a dress I saw online but didn't know how it would fit. ?Fortunately, I found a cute red maxi dress at one of the local stores in my area. ?Good luck with shopping.
  • Hi - I just had my shower today and got lots of compliments on my dress. ?It was a cute, loose/light simple black dress from the gap maternity that I actually bought months ago on sale (they were clearing out spring stuff for summer). ?Mat stuff is so big, you can probably buy a dress now as long as it isnt too tight! ?

    I wore open toe heels with the dress, which was also nice considering im usually in flats.

    I had a blast at my shower, I hope (and bet) you do too at yours - good luck!?

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  • motherhood maternity does have quite a few nice summer dresses, at least the one by me does.  my guess is that you'll have luck there. 
  • nordstrom online has some cute maternity dresses- pricey but very pretty- i have gotten some cute sundresses from Old Navy too but they are not dressy.....depends on what you are looking to spend.....
  • I live in Tampa, FL and it is HOT!!  So where I hated dresses before, they are my main staple now.  I love Ann Taylor Loft for shower dresses.  They have some very cute ones!  Good luck!
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  • I just got some things from motherhood maternity online and it fit so bad. I took it to the store and you can only exchange it for a diff size [of the same item]-just a heads up... i would buy it from the store... i was in today and they have cutedresses! i think that is were i will end up getting my shower dress...
  • My shower is in 3 weeks and I am going out to look for a dress next weekend.  I don't want to buy something and then have it not fit at the beginning of June. 
  • I ordered a halter maxi dress from F21.  It's super comfy.  All I have to do is sew in some cups and I'll be good to go!  Maybe I will do that tonight.
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  • Motherhood Maternity has quite a few cute dresses!!!  Enjoy shopping!
  • I have had 3 baby showers & this is my fourth child. I have NEVER bought a baby shower dress from a maternity store. I wore a blouse & dark denim jeans to my first shower. I wore a large in blouse & I used a band for some jeans that I wanted after pregnancy.My 2nd baby shower I went to BeBe & I bought a pair of stretch cotton style jeans with the matching top, both of these showers were in a hall. My 3rd baby shower I purchased a long flowy bohemian style dress from Target. I never buy maternity clothes, I know it has alot to do with how you gain weight but, maternity clothes especially dresses are very huge on me & I think they are not that apealing on the pregnant body. They give no shape or form just make you look huge. I buy regular clothes because I am a belly person, I carry my baby on top. I go online & look at various sites & see the prices of maternity dresses & the ones that I would wear are pricey, & I would buy it if I could wear it after the baby. I don't think you have to go to maternity stores & spend these high prices no matter what size you are. I love to see pregnant women in flowy dresses & I Love to wear them, they are so, comfortable & pretty.Think about it. Whatever you wear its all about you feeling pretty.
  • Out of the showers I can remember, the last two did indeed wear dresses. One dress was a long dress, kind of looked like a summer dress; I liked it except for the fact that she was wearing booty shorts under it and you could see the whole outline of her butt cheeks. The other dress was a bit more dressy, but looked very nice with a wrap and flower around the waist. I cannot wait to pick out my shower dress!
  • My girlfriends just had their showers and they both bought their dresses at Motherhood. They were both very cute and girlie. Loved them both.. Good luck. I am actually going there tomorrow. I have open house at school next week and promotion coming up so I will need to buy a dress. Happy shopping.

  • I don't think it's important to be super dressed up; just comfortable. I have no intentions on buying any sort of special dress for a shower. I hope I have no idea when it is; I would like for it to be a surprise.
  • I love that top!  Where did you find it?


  • One tip for shopping for your shower dress, sit in a chair in the dressing room in front of a mirror to see it anyone will be able to see up your dress. The farther along you get the harder it gets to sit up straight in a chair with your legs properly closed, your belly just gets in the way. I cross my ankles when i sit thus my legs are generaly together, but for my shower for my daughter (at 33 week pregnant), all the pictures my mom took of me opening gifts showed more leg than I would have prefered! lol

    I hope you find the perfect outfit!

  • I found a couple of cute maxi dresses at Ross and Old Navy that have been super comfy to wear - and cute!  I love them, even if they're not super dressy.  Comfort seems to be  just about all I'm worried about these days...
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