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nervous q about epi

So today my doc said... Once your contractions hit 3 mins apart, call us, get up and for for another walk, and then come in. It will help with the progression. Ok, that's good, but seriously, I'm already 3 cm. What if I wait that long to call, then walk even more and I get to the hospital and it's too late for meds. I've said from the beginning that I'm going to have some drugs (more power to those who don't, but I'd be a freaking psycho, I just know it). And I know it wouldn't be the end of the world if I had to do it naturally, our bodies were made to, but still... I wanted to say, well, can't I come in and you check me first before I go for another walk!?
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Re: nervous q about epi

  • It's unlikely. For most first pregnancies, labors last an average of 14 hours. Even if you're 3 cm dilated, by the time you're in ACTIVE labor, you'll know it. And you'll probably be at the hospital well before 7-8 cm, which is the cut-off most docs give for and epidural. And if you don't go in until 7 or 8 cm, and you've lasted that long ... I don't think you'll be that traumatized by another hour or two. You'll be OK. Don't worry.


    Then again, maybe your water will break first, and you can go right to the hospital.

  • You can get an epidural before you hit transition, more than likely, you arent going to go from 3cm to 7cm instantly. They want you to progress some before giving an epi, b/c it can actually slow your labor down, which is no good.
  • Do what makes you comfortable. Call and go in as soon as you feel like you need to. You can always walk at the hospital and the doctor isn't having the baby, you are!
  • The nurse in my birthing class said that they give epi's up to the end if the mom wants one.  Not sure what the point would be if I'm already 9cm, to each his own....
  • My Dr has also said that there is not a "we can no longer give you and Epi" point, he's given them moments before delivery.

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