first pp AF already?

I went in for my 6 week check-up today, and my OB thinks I am getting my first pp period. I had a lot of bleeding pp but it had decreased to spotting by the beginning of this week (still definitely required a panty liner). Then two days ago, I started having bright red moderate bleeding again.

My daughter had only had breastmilk until last saturday. Before then, I was mostly BF but giving pumped milk in a bottle once every other day or so. Then this weekend I had a meltdown and decided for the sake of my sanity and nipples that I needed to be able to give her bottles more often if necessary. However, last week I learned at a lactation support group that she took 6oz (!) from the breast at a feeding, but I can only pump 3-4oz. Also, I will not be able to pump when I go back to work in June, so we felt that it was a good time to start adding in a bit of formula (1-2oz.) when we wanted to give her a bottle. I have continued to BF about half her feedings, and I always pump if she gets a bottle.

Sorry this is so long, I just didn't expect to get my period so soon, especially since I still BF or pump every feeding, and it makes me sort of sad. I feel disappointed in myself for some reason, like my decision to pump more feedings and supplement makes me a bad mom and now I'm getting AF and my supply might tank. I haven't noticed a change in my supply yet, but I'm worried about it. Anyone else get it so soon while BF?


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Re: first pp AF already?

  • At 6 weeks it's probably just breakthrough bleeding, not AF.  There is a hormonal shift around then, with both my kids I'd pretty much finished bleeding and then it picked up for a couple of days then.
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    Dito PP.  I had this happen, too.  AF did return at 3 months PP, but I had breakthrough bleeding between 6-9 weeks PP.

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  • Thank you for this thread!!!  I thought I got my first period last weekend at 5 weeks PP, which depressed the heck out of me since I've been struggling with BF since my daughter was born.  (horrible latch, no education in the hospital, infections, cracked nipples, pumping -> nipple confusion, low supply, and on and on...)  Though we're supplementing now on our pediatrician's advice, I've been nursing more often and had thought my supply was creeping back up, so seeing what I thought was my period was a real bummer!
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