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Baby is measuring 4 weeks ahead....

Woah baby.... Noah is measuring 4 weeks ahead and... she is estimating him at 4lbs already....  Sigh.... my poor vadge has 10 weeks to ponder this....

Re: Baby is measuring 4 weeks ahead....

  • did you have an u/s? i went for my appt at 30w and was told i measured 33 in lieu of 30... but he was thinkin shes still breech. and i can feel her kicks and her head so i know she is. so i wouldnt worry just yet.
  • Maybe it will slow down, my son was measuring 4 weeks ahead at that point too, now is he measuring 2 weeks ahead and close to 7 lbs..I still have 5 weeks to go if i go the whole 40 weeks
  • They are going to wait till june 1 and do another u/s and measurements.  We will see then.  Right now he is head down and hungry apparently!  :) 

  • I here that the ultrasounds measurements are very hard to predict and not very?accurate?any way.
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    I wouldn't worry about it to much. They can be a pound off either way and the later u/s are not that accurate with edd. Bailey was measuring 4.7lb at my 30wk high risk u/s. At 34wks he was measuring 6.2lbs. And the u/s have always said I'm at least 2 weeks ahead yet my belly only measures a week or less ahead.
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  • U/S weights are not accurate they can go a few pounds either way.  I am measuring 3w ahead but my last DD was over 10#s and I always measured right on.  I wouldn't worry too much.  there can be a lot of factors and not all pregnancies are the same.  You could have a lot of fluid in there right know.  My measures change from week to week.  2w ago I was measuring a week ahead.  2 weeks before I was right on.  Around the 30w mark a lot of woman start to measure differently...it is just a guideline.
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