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Gender Pressure?(bit of a rant)

Anyone else have multiple people totally putting pressure on them for one gender or the other?  I just don't understand this.  Do people not seem to get that I have no say in this.  I've actually had people tell me that I would be a horrible mother to a girl so I better hope that it is a boy!  WTF!  I had another woman actually speak to my stomach and say "if there is a penis in there you better go back inside because I want you go be a girl".  My own sister (who is normally the sweetest person) told me "I think a girl would be so much easier and so much more fun but I hope you have a boy".  Not that I agree that a girl would be easier or more fun but WTH?  If you really believed this, why would you wish a boy on me? 

For the most part, I don't think they mean anything by it but it totally pisses me off.  DH and I are finding out the gender but we are keeping it to ourselves.

Re: Gender Pressure?(bit of a rant)

  • 50% of them will feel like a-holes when the kid is born.
  • I don't know who these people are that act like total jerks to all of you girls on here but I haven't experienced many rude comments. Those are just stupid things to say. They're probably just trying to be cute but if I were you, I wouldn't tell them the sex when I found out. And when they'd ask, I'd say 'well, we know but didn't want to hear any more opinions about it since we've heard enough already!'.
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  • Or better yet, they don't even respond when you tell them.  I wrote my brother and told him he's going to have a niece and I have yet to hear back from him.  That was a week ago.   Nice...
  • My MIL actually said "it better be a girl, I don't want a grandson". Sadly that's not an unexpected comment coming from her.
  • I have a BIL that insists he sees a penis on my 8 week ultrasound pic.  He really won't let it go - he even wrote "it's a boy" in a BIRTHDAY card to me.  I almost hope it's a girl just to spite him...

    Yeah, like we can control it...

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  • I don't think people really think about what they say, before they say it, nor after they say it for that matter. I could rant a little but it's innocent on their sides..

  • I got this. I have 3 nephews and so my family was "pulling" for a girl. Well, sorry but I have no control over the sex of our baby. Ironically, I had a feeling it was a boy. And DH and I would have been thrilled with a girl or boy. So it didn't matter to us. But somehow other people cared.

    Obviously, we're having a boy. When I told my brother it was a boy, his exact response was "oh no." WTH?

    People just need to keep their opinions to themselves.

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  • My MIL is convinced it's a girl, already has a name picked out for her, and has decided what she will be called, because "Grandma" isn't special enough.


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