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Strange situation (sorry, TMI)...

Okay, so all had been going fairly well so I hadn't been around here very frequently. I'll give a recap of my story to get you up to speed on what happened yesterday.

I found out on 3/16, at 12w, that I had a missed mc and schedule a D&C the next day. That evening I had extremely heavy bleeding to the point of passing out, low blood pressure, etc. Went into ER around 7am to have an emergency D&C (it had been scheduled for 3pm but it was too dangerous to wait). One week after the D&C I had to go to the ER for sudden, heavy bleeding and severe cramps. U/S showed that I was just passing the last of the tissue and that there was no concern. I continued to spot lightly until last week -- approximately 6 weeks. OB said my hcg was still dropping and no temp meant no infection so all was ok.

3 days ago I started bleeding again, regularly, and I assumed it was my period. (Sorry if TMI!) Last night I sat down to go to the bathroom and felt something "fall" out of me. It felt almost like my tampon fell out and I looked down and there was large clump of tissue in the toilet -- about 3 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide. Unidentifiable, but definitely tissue. I scooped it out and saved it, but I am SO confused as to what it could be. I'm waiting for my OB to return my call about scheduling an appointment.

So I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with/has heard of anyone passing tissue so late (7 weeks) after a D&C. I hate to spend too much time thinking of what it could possibly be, but naturally I'm curious. Thanks!

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Re: Strange situation (sorry, TMI)...

  • I remember you from your beautiful wedding photo.

    I haven't had the same situation, and Im not sure if I've seen anyone on here with it either.  I would definatly talk to your OB.  I hope thats the rest of the bleeding/tissue for you, and that now it will stop.  GL and keep us posted!

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  • I'm sorry that you are going through. ?I went through, something similar but different. ?It was 6-7 weeks after my D&C and I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive so I went to the doctor. ?It turned out that there was tissue left from the D&C, but in my case, it didn't come out on its own and I had a repeat D&C to get it. ?

    I would have your doctor do an ultrasound to make sure that everything has passed and also check your HcG levels. ?I was also put on some antibiotics because they were worried about a chance of infection with the tissue remaining so long (when we discovered that I miscarried, the baby had passed away 3 weeks earlier - so it was about 10 weeks that the tissue remained). ?There were no signs of infection, but it was good to be safe.?


  • I just re-read your post and saw you had an ultrasound already, so I'm not really sure. ?It couldn't hurt to get another one. ?I also had a hysteroscopy to check things out. ?My understanding is that it is a little camera. ?
  • My best friend m/c at almost 16 weeks and she bleed and lost tissue and clots for almost 2 months so it could be normal, also if your uterin lining is too thick you will pass it that has happened to me atleast twice a year since i was 15 so it could be that too from the sounds of it...i just recently miscarried also but mine was very early, so good luck with your trying, *baby dust coming your way!*
  • ibisibis member

    I did not have a D&C but the description of the tissue passed is just like one of the things I saw, and I was pretty sure it was the placenta. (I later passed the sac.)

    I'm sorry you've had to go through this. 

  • I have no idea why you would be passing tissue 7 weeks later but I wanted to say that I hope you are able to get some answers.

    So sorry for your loss and I hope things go back to normal quickly with your body.


  • I'm sorry you are going through this.  Unfortunately I dont have experience with what you are talking about..  I hope you can get some answers from your dr.

    Btw, your siggy picture is absolutely gorgeous!

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  • I didn't have as many complications with bleeding, however, i have been bleeding for 4 1/2 weeks which by most standards is a lot... it FINALLY stopped yesterday... I'm hoping it doesn't come back! My dr told me to get on my b/c and progesterone to help stop the bleeding (due to the hormones)... she said that by doing this, i'll stop the "spotting" and then pass whatever "tissue" might be leftover... she said it wasn't dangerous, because i've already passed the majority of everything.... i am supposed to start in 2 weeks (since that's when the b/c ends)... we'll see if i end up with tissue too! i wasn't as far as you were though, so I might not have as much to pass
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