1st Trimester

What has your husband told you?

Mine said that if I stop thinking about morning sickness, it will go away. He thinks its stressing out the baby and I shouldn't be worrying about it so much.  I am not worrying, I am just experiencing!  He also told me that he wishes I would dress up like I used to (not that this happened a lot).  I told him take me somewhere that requires me to dress up and I will!!!  I think men are clueless sometimes.

Re: What has your husband told you?

  • "I don't care that you are pregnant! You get mad at me when I lay on the couch and don't do anything all day!"

    "Josh, Ive been throwing up all day- Big difference- You play video games..."

  • LOL - this post cracks me up.  I am journaling for myself and am actually keeping track of the STUPID things my DH has said since the BFP.  My two favorites:

    1)  All newborms do is sleep all the time.  The first few weeks are gonna be easy.
    2)  You need to eat enough to make sure the baby is over 8 pounds.  Under 8 pounds is too small.

    I love this man dearly, but I can't wait to see what comes out of his mouth next . . .

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  • Ahhh the old mind over matter trick. Its BS!  


  • Do you have any other kids?  If not, he's probably unsure of how pregnancy actually works.  I'd give him a book to read up on.  Then top it off by telling him that when his body is able to grow a human being, then he can decide how pregnancy "should" make you feel, and how you "should" want to get dressed up.
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  • Great post!  Mine said last week that he was glad this was "going by so fast".  I am only 10 weeks and haven't slept in bed for the last 4 weeks due to heartburn and backpain.... I am so glad he thinks it is going by FAST!!!
  • Luckily my husband has been super sweet and kept his mouth incheck.  He always says "it's hard making a baby"...so cute.

  • DH still doesn't understand why I'm not interested in having sex, even though he sees how nauseous and uncomfortable I am. He thinks I'm playing hard to get.

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  • Wow. My husband doesn't have the cajones to say that stuff to me.


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  • Wait.  So these last 11 weeks I have just been making myself sick?  I don't think so.  Tell him to shove it.  Morning sickness is real and if you feel sick you should get a little sympathy.

    Plus, I figure the baby is doing it to me so I can't feel too bad about how it makes him feel.  This morning I had a talk with him about making me sick and I promptly threw up again.  I think it was his way of telling me he will do what he wants.  

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  • To my mother:

    "Yeah, I'm not going to be in the room when Abbie has the baby. I really don't want to see that, there is no miracle in childbirth."

    LOL! He will be in the delivery room! He helped the baby get in, he will be there when it comes out.

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  • Yesterday mine said "I thought you'd be a lot fatter by now".  Gee, thanks.  I think I'll take that as a compliment.
  • Playing hard to get...thats a good one!!!
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    Wow. My husband doesn't have the cajones to say that stuff to me.


    This. lucky for him...

  • Last monday I had an emotional moment.  I've only had three so far, where I cry and carry on over something stupid and small.  Well, my DH in an attempt to calm me down told me to "stop crying" Yeah, that helps, thanks dear! Smile
  • DH: Darn you boobs are huge!

    Me: Don't even look at them!

  • Mine said that he thinks cravings are just something that women read about in their pregnancy books and is more of a placebo effect.  I told him that I wish he was the pregnant one:-)
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    DH: Darn you boobs are huge!

    Me: Don't even look at them!

    Oh my god this made me lol-

  • my hubs hasn't said anything yet but I guess there is still lots of time
  • What a great post!  Haha, my H seems mystified by me so far, although I'm sure this won't be a longlasting behaviour. 
  • my husband has been nothing but sweet. he is going with me to my first appointment so he can ask questions and be informed of what's to come.
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    All newborms do is sleep all the time.  The first few weeks are gonna be easy.

    Man-O-Man, he is in for a surprise!


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  • my husband has been great.  my mom on the other hand.... she told me (when i said that nothing sounded good to eat) "Dont eat then, you'll be doing a lot of that later"  Also, yesterday she told me my cheeks are too fat for my new hair cut.  Big Smile  Thanks Mom!
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  • DH has actually surprised me thus far. He's been amazing.
  • I've also gotten the morning sickness is all in your head one.  And he laughed at me yesterday when I went to bed at 8P.

    He actually asked the OB at our first appointment if it was too soon for me to be having symptoms.  That got him a look.

    I think his philosphy is "You still look the same, so you should act the same". 

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  • He's actually been sweet and wonderful but, this one comment of his made me LOL yesterday:

    "We're only eating organic meats, chicken and eggs now...the growth hormones in that other crap are going to make Baby 12 pounds before s/he is born!!!!"

    Where do they come up with this stuff?

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  • image kimberleigh30:

    DH: Darn you boobs are huge!

    Me: Don't even look at them!


  • Totally clueless! Mine told me that I should check with my doctor to find out if it is normal for me to be this tired.
  • "Wow, your boobs actually fill out your bras now."

    Oh, and Saturday night while drinking (I was the DD and was sitting right next to him) he told all his buddies exactly how I got pregnant.  The whens and hows and then says loudly, "ONE TIME BABY, ONE TIME!"  I think I nearly turned inside out.

    My DH is such a sweetie and usually so not like this...I gave him a free pass.

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  • C12H22O11: your cat is sooo pretty!!! It makes me miss my cat (she died a couple of years ago) she looked alot like him!!
  • I was getting frustrated the other day when I was trying to find something to wear. My belly bloat has made my pants a little TOO snug. My DH proceeds to tell me that I can't fit into my pants b/c of the pregnancy, but b/c I'm just getting fat!

    I started to cry, and then he said that he was just kidding and that I was being too sensitive. He's not used to these hormones going crazy, and that I don't take those kind of jokes well.

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