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opinion on best hospital to deliver and ob


we are going to be moving to pheonix within the next month and i am trying to figure out which hopital and ob/gyn to go to!

we are looking at living in the las sendas community in north mesa.

i have no problems driving further for a great hospital/ob.

any suggestions will help, thank you!

Re: opinion on best hospital to deliver and ob

  • The only thing I would suggest as far as hospitals...DON'T go to any Banner facility. You'll feel just like another vag there. I hated it there and switched. I've had 2 very bad experiences there. My OB office is quite large and has many locations. It's Goodman & Partridge. They're wonderful there and it's mostly women. I'm not comfortable with a male OB. But you could look them up and see if they take your insurance. I'll be delivering at Chandler Regional Hospital. They treat you like royalty there. =)
  • I loved my doctor and hospital!  I go to Dr. Staci Mayer at Maricopa OBGYN.  However, Dr. Urig delivered for me and he was awesome.  I disagree with the post above, I would not deliver anywhere but a Banner facility.  I went to Good Samaritan, and we recieved excellent care.  Although my pregnancy and delivery went 100% problem free, Banner facilites, in particular Good Sam, have the best reputation in the state for infant care.  PM me if you have any questions!
  • The practice i go to is called Contemporary Care for Women.  They have two locations, one is on the border of Tempe and Mesa and the other is on the border of East Mesa and Gilbert.  My doctor at the Tempe office's name is Dr. Linnerson.  He is very knowledgeable and founded that practice.  My sister goes to the Gilbert office her doctors name is Dr. Tamanaha.  I believe all of the doctors in that entire practice only deliver at Banner Desert hospital in Mesa.  This is my first baby, but my sister just delivered there in October and her nurses were Phenomenal!
  • WOW. I'm glad you ladies had such wonderful experiences at the Banner facilities. I hope I'm a minority in my feelings toward Banner facilities. But we all have our own preference. =) Mine just happens to be Chandler Regional. Best of luck in your search!
  • yeah i just delivered at banner and loved it, for the most part. there was one nurse that pissed me off. but i would totally deliver there again. their l/d rooms were awesome!

    there is a beautiful new banner hospital in mesa off the 60 and higley. they have the hot tubs there! i thought about it but it was too far for me.

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  • thank you for all the suggestions ladies! very helpful!
  • I also go to Goodman & Partridge and will be delivering at Chandler Regional. So far I am loving my OB and am keeping my fingers crossed that Chandler Regional will be good. I'm happy to hear good things about it!
  • I am a little biased- but I am a certified nurse midwife who delivers babies in the hospital and I work with an excellent group of midwives and physicians. We are Phoenician Women's Care and we "catch" babies (the mom does the delivering!) at Banner Desert Hospital, Mountain Vista Hospital, and Tempe St Lukes. We have offices in Chandler and two in Mesa. Our website is under construction, but our phone number is 480-496-2651
  • Mine is a bit of a drive but absolutly AMAZING! I have Dr Ann Langer at Arizona Womans Care in Scottsdale and will be delivering at Scottsdale Shea North. I've had a semi complicated pregnancy and the staff there is just as wonderful as my dr. For instance, I "thought" I had a cold and just wanted to double check on what I should if a temp. should come and they called me 3 times in 24 hours just to check and make sure I was doing ok!! Same thing happened when I started cramping at 20 weeks. I feel so safe there. Also, my OB caught wind they we were having a hard time financially and didnt have insurance so she cut my fees by over 60%! Not something she needed to do by any means! As for the hosp- I had an emergency transfusion done there 2 years back for my last m/c and had a great experince withe staff. Now I know its far from you but just wanted to give my opinion! HTH!
  • I'm late but I delivered at Banner Gateway and loved it.  My ob was Oasis ob and I also loved loved them.  They are very close to Las Sendas too, on Brown between Power and Recker. 

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  • I went to Comprehensive Women's Healthcare.  Every Dr. in their practice is awesome.  The only down side is that they are very busy so you can end up waiting awhile for your appoitment.  I have delivered at both Banner Desert and Banner Gateway.  Banner Desert was ok and Banner Gateway was awesome.  I had the best experience there.
  • When I had my son almost 4 years ago, Banner Desert did the most amazing job of taking care of the both of us. I had complications, and we ended up having to stay for 9 days. They really took great care of us, and I can't imagine delivering anywhere else. The staff in the NICU was great, and my nurses really made my stay.
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    I also go to Dr Tamanaha at Contemporary Care for Women and I LOVE him.  He has the best sense of humor too, which is a plus when I'm cranky  :)  Everyone in the practice is great, I've been using them for GYN needs for years.  This is my first baby, but i'll be delivering at Banner Desert too - good to hear some people liked it, as I've not heard great things.  It is comforting having the NICU there just in case though  :)

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  • I am waay late on this one, but I figured I'd check in!

    I am also at Goodman & Partridge, delivering at Chandler Regional. I can't say anything about the hospital, but I LOVE the practice!

  • Congrats on your almost ending pregnancy!! I delivered at Chandler Regional last September and I loved it there! The nurses before delivery were awesome! And most of my nurses post delivery were great! I was there 5days, so you're bound to run across a few people you don't like. My favorite nurse was/is Tammy! (she has quads) they're like 10 now though. all boys. anyway, GOOD LUCK & ENJOY!


  • I am going to go to Gilbert Mercy they are amazing. They are the nicest doctors and nurses I've ever encountered. I go to Valley Women for Women for my OB office. I HATED goodman and partridge!
  • I am going to Gilbert Mercy as well, and am also going to Valley Women for Women.  Chandler Regional didn't not impress me as a hospital at all.  I have been there on a few occasions (not for pregnancy).  This is our first pregnancy so I am excited by the whole adventure. 
  • I'm also at Valley Women for Women, but I have yet to decided on the hospital.  I know I can go to either Gilbert Mercy or Chandler Regional, but I haven't visited either hospital, but I plan to visit both before making a decision.
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  • I LOVE my Dr Big Smile her name is Dr Enriquetta Porras. she is so kind and sweet and knowlegable. she contracts with St Josephs Hospital in Central phx (her office is on their campus) I am soo happy with her, i would refer anyone to her.
  • I also go to Valley Women for Women and delivered at Mercy Gilbert  I didn't even bother to tour Chandler Regional, because a friend of mine delivered a year before me and she said touring at both were like night and day.  I had a great experience at Mercy Gilbert, plus its about 10 minutes from my house which was a big plus!

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  • I go to Valley Women for Women and will be delivering at Mercy Gilbert! I am impressed with both the staff and the facilities. Not to mention there is a spa in the same building as the doctors office:)
  • I'm pregnant with my 3rd i deliverd my first two at Maryvale and it was just fine everyone said oh no not there but it was good. This time i will deliver at Banner Estrella and would not go anywere else. Three of my best friends have deliverd there and had great experiances. There is west valley hospital i would not even send my dog to. I personaly know to many people that have gotten killed there. Hope it helps.
  • Hi, Sorry I am posting this sooo late.   I gave birth 8 months ago at Mercy Gilbert Hospital.  The staff there was amazing except for one nurse. My OBGYN was with Goodman and Partridge, and she was really nice and helpful till the day of my delivery.  She barely spoke to me during the delivery and spoke about me as if I was not in the room to the nurse.  I was very upset to say the least.  My delivery was difficult and was in labor for over 36 hours.  My husband said he saw her pulling out the baby with too much force, my baby came out with a fracture clavicle.  I have only seen my OBGYN once after the baby was born and did not follow up as she promise (had to go back to the hospital the day after I was released).  Banner Desert was where I went and the staff was amazing as well.  Hope this helps and good luck!

  • I've had really bad experiences with both pregnancies in the OB triage at Banner Good Sam.  Both of my babies were delivered at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea and it was amazing.  The nurses were very polite and I felt like I was on vacation....except for the pain. lol.
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