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Sizes for Glamourmom Nursing Tanks?

I want to order one of the Glamormom tank tops because they have other colors besides the basics but I am not sure on the size. I am currently a 36D and I was going to order a large but I usually dont order things that large. I also dont want it to be a dress since I am 5 feet tall! haha

On the site they seem to be short and run a little smaller than most. Does anyone have any of these tanks already and can help me with what size to order? Thanks in advance girls!

Re: Sizes for Glamourmom Nursing Tanks?

  • I don't know about glamourmom, but I don't normally order large things either. I ended up buying a large when I was your size in Target nursing tops and wasn't thrilled with them and now I'm in an XL at a 38DD.
  • There's a "find your size" link on the page. I don't know if that helps. I've never bought Glamourmom (too pricey for me). Old Navy and Gap both have really cute nursing tops but they run large.
  • I went to cotton babies in St. Louis where I llive and tried them on, and some are much shorter than others.  I normally where a 38C and I ended up buying an XXL because the material is quite thick and taunt, so to be comvortable and give me room to grow when my milk comes in, I didn;t think I could wear an XL and be comfortable.
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  • Did you notice they also have the "long" style, as well as a "transition" one?  The regular style does seem a little short/snug, especially for right away, so I think I'm going to try the transition.  It does come in a few other colors besides black and white.  I'm a 38DD right now and had planned to order the large, too.  It looks like you're right on the edge of a M/L so I guess it depends on how you want it to fit, and whether you'll want to allow some extra room for growth in the first weeks of nursing.

    Also, I think the last time I was in Motherhood they had some of these, even though it's not listed as a dealer on the Glamourmom site.  Maybe you could try one on there?

  • I ordered some from my first pregnancy and they ran very small for me. 
  • I was a small pre-pregnancy, but decided to order a size medium in the Glamourmom tanks based on their sizing (am right between small & medium).  I found the medium to be on the large size even now, and I am (obviously) still pregnant.  I ended up sending the medium back, and now have the small, which will work much better post pregnancy.  hth!
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  • They run very small. I am very tiny on top (xs pre-pregnancy and a small now thanks to the boobs)/ I tried on a small in destination maternity the other day and I could not even get it on. The medium fit better.


  • I own them and work in a maternity boutique where they are sold...if you are a 36D regularly and want to wear it right away, get a L, but if you are only 5ft tall you may just want to go with the regular fit nursing bra/or built in bra and not the LONG tank style.


    They are awesome, give great shape & nice for postpartum. Enjoy!

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