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Did anyone do the baby shower quilt keepsake?

So i know I'm not allowed to do anything for the shower, but i just read on thebump about this.  i was thinking about just giving each guest a square and have them decorate it with fabric markers during the shower.  this way people won't forget to bring them to the shower if it got mailed to them with the invitations.  what did you do? 

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Re: Did anyone do the baby shower quilt keepsake?

  • I had a book baby shower. Everyone bring their favorite book as a kid and sign the inside of the book. Now I have a collection to read to my kid. The quilt is ok but you are going to get so many blankets you will be sick it. And trust me someone will forget their square to bring.. 


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  • I read that off the bump and called my mom and told her all about it. She loved and we did it for my shower. What we did was stencil different animals on each square (35 squares total) and brought them to the shower and had each person write there names on it. My mom is sewing the whole thing together for me. Riley will have it in her room but not to play with until she gets older like 5 yrs. old. That way the blanket doesn?t get destroyed. Everyone loved the idea at the shower!

  • Also we did the whole bring your favorite book when you were a child thing. I have about 30 or so books to read to Riley
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