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Does weight gain slow down in the last 10 weeks?

Umm...I'm already at 38 pounds and the time before last when I was at the dr, she told me I would be gaining around a pound a week.  I've been gaining a bit more than that, but I've also heard that your weight gain slows towards the end.

I started gaining pretty early, and I've got quite the bump.  My body is really starting to hurt though, and I don't know how much more I can handle!  I might increase my swimming just to give my body a break.



Re: Does weight gain slow down in the last 10 weeks?

  • Everyone is different. I happen to gain a lot of weight earlier in my pregnancy (12 lbs in the 1st tri alone!) and have since tapered off (I've gained 33 lbs as of today). I'm still gaining, but at a much slower rate.
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  • Nope.  The weight loss does not usually slow until the last 3-4 weeks usually, and that is just an average.  Some women keep gaining and other lose weight. It just all depends on your body, and your baby. Just keep eating healthy and let nature do what it must. Wink
  • Just realized that I'm in the last 10 weeks Tongue Tied

    I've also heard that the weight gain can slow down in late pg due to a squished stomach (and therefore less eating), but my stomach is fine and I have been gaining weight at the same rate that I have since beginning of 2nd tri. So it's probably not going to magically happen for you.

    I highly recommend water exercise. The weightless movement is so much easier on your body and a welcome relief.

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  • I really hope it slows down in the last 10 weeks, but I kind of doubt it. I am just starting to gain as of my last appointment (I lost a lot in the beginning b/c I had terrible m/s, and I was overweight to begin with) so I think my weight is only going to get higher in the weeks to come...
  • When I was pregnant with DD it did. ?There were weeks that I had lost a pound, weeks I gained a pound, or weeks that I stayed the same. ?It basically worked out that the last 5 weeks or so I didn't gain any weight. ?I am beginning to notice a slow down with the pregnancy too.

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  • Umm not for me. I have gained the most weight now. So far I have gained 47 pounds. These last couple of weeks I have been gaining 3 pounds a week!!
  • I hope so. At my last appt at 28 weeks I had gained 27 total but all pretty much in second tri. My doc said to try to not jump up so much for my next appt lol. She wants me to try to stay under 35 lbs. My belly feels like it grew soooo much from around 20 weeks on though.

    She said it is possible for me to still keep it under 35 and I was like wow really in the last 3 months? she said yes so maybe it does slow down. 

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  • I've lost weight at two appts this trimester (2 lbs at 1 and 3.5 lbs on Monday), so for me - yes.
  • I think it depends on each person. So far, I've gained 30 pounds, but the  last 5 were at a very slow rate. So for me it has slowed already. I hope it keeps it up for the next couple of months.
  • I gained the most weight in the 2nd tri (for both my pregnancies). I hadn't gained any weight at my 30 week appt (4 weeks after my last), then gained 4 at my 33 week apt. As of today, my weight is the same as it was 2 weeks ago at my appt. I expect to gain about 5 more lbs this trimester.

    Usually weight slows or evens out about 3-4 weeks till your due date.


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  • My Doc said at my last appointment that I'd only gain maybe a 1/2 a pound a week max until I deliver.  I have GD though and have only gained a total of 19 pounds.   
  • I am a late gainer.... Last appt which was two weeks ago tomorrow I had gained 4 lbs in 2 weeks which was my biggest gain to date and a huge one for me. I was starving the entire two weeks which explains the growth. I expect to gain at least 1 lb a week between now and my June due date. If I don't and it slows down thta is fine as long as the baby is healthy. Hopefully my working out will help.
  • I am a late gainer, I had only gained like 15 lbs in the first two trimesters now I have gained 25 and my Dr told me that the last 10 weeks with the baby doubling in size, usually you gain more in that time period too.  It has been true for me so far, 5 lbs in 4 weeks
  • image MidwestTexan:
    Everyone is different. I happen to gain a lot of weight earlier in my pregnancy (12 lbs in the 1st tri alone!) and have since tapered off (I've gained 33 lbs as of today). I'm still gaining, but at a much slower rate.

    This is pretty much me exactly.  Though my growth spurt was early in my 2nd trimester. 

  • LOL,  I hope mine slows down.  I gained 23 lbs in the last 8 weeks alone.  I've been eating healthy, so I'm not sure what the deal is.
  • I had not gained any in the last 2 weeks at my appointment yesterday.  I don't really see how this is possible being that I eat dessert at least once and often twice per day.  I do notice that I don't eat as much in one sitting though because it is just not comfortable.  I tend to graze throughout the day.  I have only gained 14 pounds so far, mainly because I was carrying a little extra weight to begin with and I have been really active throughout.  I'm grateful though because I can only imagine how much my hips and back would ache if I had gained more or not been active.  I workout but lately, nothing too intense, just walking and prenatal yoga. 
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