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grow the eff up

could we please take a second to remember that we are all ADULTS here and, *gasp* MOTHERS to boot.

If you are going to wildly speculate, just SAY who you think it is. We are not in kindergarten. This is not the playground.

If you are going to post your real name on a site like MySpace or Facebook, you HAVE to know that people are eventually going to be able to find you. If you don't like that, don't sign up for those things.

If you are going to hide behind an AE to say the things you've been dying to say, grow a pair. Christ on a cracker, it's the INTERNET. Say what you want; you are basically anonymous anyway.

If you are going to steal personal information from people, deface their kids' photos, spew venom, get huffy if someone disagrees with you, or just in general be a douche, do us ALL a favor and 1.) turn off the computer and 2.) walk away. If you hate people here THAT MUCH ... don't come here. It's very, very simple.

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