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Cramping after internal?

So, I had an internal today (1.5 cm, hardly any progress at all - so frustrating) and now I feel like sh!t. ?My back hurts, I have cramps, I am really uncomfortable... is that just from the exam do you think? ?Has anyone else experienced this after a cervical exam this far along? ?TIA!?

PS - I really hope this kid got annoyed at the poking and prodding and is trying to get out...?

Re: Cramping after internal?

  • It's normal. Internals can cause you to go into labor if you're close or your body is ready. Hope this is it for you!
  • Thanks, izzybella. ?I really don't want to be induced next week... ?please baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Are you having contrax?


    I've only had two internals and one was today, and apparently I'm now having some random contrax/cramping from it. ?

  • I heard that internals can do that.  Unfortunately I have had three already without any progress really.
  • I have only had 1 internal done so far and afterwards I was cramping and having some blood/brownish stuff as discharge. I also lost my MP the day after.

    You are farther along than I am and hopefully your internal today starts up some contractions for you


  • If I AM having contractions, then they are only the "menstrual cramp" feeling kind. ?It's miserable... there are no "waves" like they talk about, just constant state of misery. ?Honestly, I've been quite a content pregnant person up until this point, and today - well, I'm done. ?I just spent some time crying in my DH's lap - I never thought I'd be that person. ?That means it's time to be done... this is supposed to be a happy time! :(
  • I am right there with you.  Today was my 3rd and most uncomfortable internal.  I've got some decent progress, but she seems to be staying put for now.  I've had the worst cramps & back ache since my noon appt.  I've also been having some contrx but they aren't consistent enough to be useful - just reallllllllly uncomfortable.  I'm so ready!  I'm trying not to completely lose it b/c you're right, it's supposed to be a happy time.  I'm really hoping I can sleep tonight - that will be torture if not.


    ETA: As I was writing this my water broke!!!!!!!!!  AHHHH!  Labor dust to you!

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  • image Jules_NC:

    ETA: As I was writing this my water broke!!!!!!!!!? AHHHH!? Labor dust to you!


    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?GL, OH GL!!!!! ?KEEP US UPDATED! ?SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!?

  • I totally feel your pain. ?I'm 39 weeks today and had my 3rd internal (1.5cm and 80% effaced). ?I left my appointment feeling horrible. ?My back aches and I have menstrual type cramps. ?My doctor told me this is a good sign and labor is right around the corner. ?I came home and took a hot bath and it helped. ?Good luck! ?
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