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May Baby Going Home Outfits?

Does anyone have some suggestions? I am at a complete loss as to what to buy as one day it is  sunny and 80 degrees and the next 50 degress, cold, and rainy. I am not opposed to buying a couple of outfits but figured someone might have come up with a more creative and cost effective solution.
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Re: May Baby Going Home Outfits?

  • I've been thinking the same thing. I decided against getting a super cute dress for her as it may be too cold, instead I'm going to bring her home in a Gap outfit I bought her. It's basically a long sleeved pink shirt and pink stripped pants with a matching's from their "favorites" collection. I wanted to put her in a cute dress but then I was thinking that it's basically going to be me & dh so it doesn't matter if its more on the plain side. GL
  • DS was born late last April. I really wanted an outfit and fell in love with a white cable knit sweater one-piece with short sleeves from babyGap sz 0-3 mos. 

    The reality: DS was in his going home outfit for a total of 1 hour. The time it took to get situated and leave the hospital and then at home for a photo or two. DS was 7lbs, ?oz and the outfit that I got for him was newborn 0-3 mos and HUGE on him. Once he was home he was much more comfortable in a onesie, hat and socks swaddled, but he did wear the outfit a few more times once he was a bit bigger.

    So from experience I'd say it was worth it to get the outfit but don't plan on baby wearing it for that long.

  • These are two great options for any time of the year.  Mooncakes convertible gowns.  They come in a variety of colors,  They are a snug sak with mitts if needed, have matching hats and can be resnapped into pants to fit in the car seat.  You can get about three months + wear out of them. Another is the Mooncakes "Rice Cake Take Me Home" outfit.  It is a snap shirt with pants with feet and a matching hat, all in cream. Totally non-gender if needed, both look adorable, you can get use out of the them, and they are very compy for the babies.  You can find them on-line at


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