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tylenol PM

i know that we can take tylenol but can we take tylenol pm?  2 nights ago i was up every hour and a half and last night i was up every hour.  i need some decent sleep!
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Re: tylenol PM

  • I don't know about Tylenol PM. Check with your OB on that. 


    A coworker of mine had to go on Ambien during her pregnancy to get some sleep.


    Good luck to you and the quest for sound sleep!  I sure miss it. 

  • Tylenol Pm is nothing but Tylenol and benadryl. If both are on your "safe" list- then you can take it.

    FWIW- I got the go ahead from my OB to take it whenever I need it. Just DO NOT take more than two pills every 6 hours.

  • i take it at least 2 times a week.... also the makers of tylenol make a sleeping pill called "simple sleep" that is safe
  • When it comes to meds I would ask my doctor.  It might be different for every person.  Depending on your pregnancy.  Better to be safe than sorry!
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  • I would also check with your OB to see if you can take it- just to be sure.

    Also currently suffering from slepless nights, I think it's just your body preparing you for when the baby gets here. :]

  • I agree, clear it with your doctor, but I did take it almost every night for three weeks with my 2nd pregnancy due to that restless leg feeling where you cannot stop moving to fall asleep...it did the job. I only took 1 of the recommended 2 dosage b/c it was almost too much dose for me, so try cutting it in half if you feel weird in the morning or can't shake off the sleepiness.
  • I take it almost every night these days! Only one, but my OB said it was just fine. I was taking Unisom which was reccomended by my OB but I ran out. I guess they suggest it to pregnant women to help with morning sickness as well.
  • If you decide to go with it, dont waste your money on Unisom or any other brand name product- buy store brand benadryl (diphenhydramine). And dont take tylenol PM if you dont have pain! Its all a marketing scheme- if you only need help falling asleep just take the "PM" part of it- aka diphenhydramine.
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  • My OB is fine with Tylenol PM.  In fact she told me that I can take it every four hours....so no more waking up in the middle of the night to lay there until the sun comes up....
  • thanks ladies.  i just bought some.  wish me luck tonight!
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