3rd Trimester

Anyone feeling like there is something they forgot to buy

I feel like there was something missing from my list of things to buy for baby anyone else?



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Re: Anyone feeling like there is something they forgot to buy

  • I do sometimes but then I remember as long as I have the basics I can always go out after the baby comes and get the things I missed. I keep thinking that she needs more clothes but I know I have more than enough. Actually I am taking some things back today because I feel like I have to many of them. I do not think she really needs 5 towels so I will be returning one and getting some more 0-3 month onsies because I know she will live in onsies during the summer!!
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  • Oh I'm sure I'm forgetting several things, haha! I've got the basics, so anything else we can just run up the street to Fred Meyer for and I've still (hopefully) got a few weeks to remember if I did forget something big :)
  • Yes!  I consistently feel like we're not ready!  But I think it's more like "Oh. My. God.  I'm going to be somebody's MAMA!" I'm not ready, as opposed to the "I don't have enough stuff" I'm not ready.

    We're going really bare-bones minimum for the Bun to start with, because we're not having our "shower" until it's a welcoming party.  All we have is our bassinet, diapers, hand-me-down clothes, carseat... uh, and I guess that's it, really, since we're planning to breastfeed.  Oh!  We got some adorable hoodie towels from my mother-in-law's best friend, so we've got some of those, too.  I've also got a couple of flannel-lined vinyl sheets to use on the bed for changing.  I think they're designed as portable changing mats anyway.  (It helps us keep our stuff to a minimum because we aren't making a nursery until we move in September - no space in the apartment!)

  • Sure, but as long as you have the basics you will be ok.

    You still have a while to go yet, so you've got plenty of time to buy whatever you need.

  • I feel that way--like there's something I don't know that I will need.
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