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Share your creative shower hostess gifts!

My four sisters-in-law are throwing me a shower and I would love to give them something cute without breaking the bank. ?Anyone mind sharing what you have done/will do for your hostess(es)? ?



Re: Share your creative shower hostess gifts!

  • My mom and MIL are throwing our shower...and I'm making small gift baskets for them.  So far, I bought white baskets with blue liner inside from Wal-Mart on clearance from Easter for $2 each.  They don't look very Eastery though.  Got 2 small baby boy picture frames from Hobby Lobby, $5 each.  2 small blue baby boy photo books from Kohl's for $5 each.  I'm thinking to put a $10 gift card in both to somewhere everyone loves...like Panera Bread.  My DH picked out a couple blue plastic coupon organizers from Hobby Lobby that were like $2 each, but they look "out of place" in the basket...so I don't think I'm gonna keep them in there after all.  I bought shrink wrap from Hobby Lobby and two pretty blue bows to put on the outside.  So overall I spent about $35 on each basket.   
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  • I had 2 hostesses, so I sent flowers to one and gave a mani/pedi gift card to the other.
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  • I'm probably doing gift certificates to their hair salons. It's not creative but I know they will use it. We all have different tastes, one isn't married, so it's hard to pick one gift to suit them all. I originally wanted to do monogrammed hand towels and maybe a candle for their homes but it wouldn't suit everyone.

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  • I had 3 hostesses, luckily they were all gardeners. I made them all a little basket (all stuff from walmart ) in a gardeners bag, with new gloves, a couple tools and flower seeds. Also I gave them all a small garden decoration, like one I gave a small gazing ball, one I gave a small garden angel and the other a some stepping stones.
  • I just bought each of my hostess some bath & body works. They have their signature collection buy 3 get 3 free right now. So for roughly $28.50 I got all 3 of them a shower gel & body lotion. I also added in something for my mom for mother's day. So all in all I got 8 items and every other one was free!
  • all the girls who were in my wedding helped throw my shower (along with mom and sisters)  I got some hand made soap (from etsy) in the shape of eggs, put them in little nests I got at the craft store.  Put them in a clear bag, cut a piece of scrapbook paper into a shape so it was the size of the bag (folded like a card).  I then punched two holes in the top and tied ribbon through it and around the bag.  That way you could see the pattern in back of the clear bag.  In the card I wrote "Thank you for helping me dress my nest!"  It was just a little something to let them know I appreciated it.  The moms I got potted tulips.


  • I gave the girls giving my shower hanging Boston Ferns. They were beautiful and only $10.00 at Home Depot! I bought some Raffia (looks like straw) and tied a bow at the top of the hanger with that.
  • I also went with Bath & Body Works, but got the $25 gift sets in the pretty green and pink and yellow boxes.  I have 5 hostesses, so it would've been difficult and expensive to do more personalized gifts. 
  • I have never heard of this before! OH NO I feel like I need to do something. I hosted two baby shower and I didnt get anything from them. I need to think of something QUICK AND CHEAP!
  • There's a chocolate store here and I went in and they made big chocolate bars about 8 inches long and 4 inches high and they can screen anything you want them to on the bars.  Mine said "Thank you from Baby Ella".  They put it in a clear box and put little pieces of chocolate on the sides surrounding it.  It was really cute.
  • For my shower thrown by my friends, I had another friend who makes jewelry, make a necklace/earring set for each of them.  We chose pearls (since that will be the baby's birthstone) and she created a different set for each of them that suits their personalities.  They loved them!

     For my shower tomorrow thrown by my mother-in-law's friends, I got each of them a Willow Tree Angel "Thank You" ornament.  They were only about $13 each.

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