3rd Trimester


Ohh this is my first 3 trimester post, very exciting!

So yesterday I was driving home and found that I was having a really hard time breathing. It got to the point that my vision got blurry and eventually went black I managed to stop my car. I was drenching with cold sweats and felt like I was dying. I have been having shortness of breath for the past few weeks, but its getting much worse. The ER said it was probably the increasing pressure from the baby.

Has anyone else had this much trouble with their breathing?

Re: Breathing?

  • Not to the point where I black out.  That's dangerous.  Call your doctor.

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  • Wow! I'm glad you are okay!

    I've had some trouble breathing (just feeling out of breath more quickly) but nothing like you described. 

  • I do have an appointment Monday. I called and they just told me to come in Monday. I don't know if there is anything that can be done until I lighten.
  • I sometimes get problems sometimes when I am sitting. I found that if I try to stand up when I start to feel this way it helps.  Not as bad with you and the car. Be careful!
  • I am gettting winded easily, but nothing like that.  With DD, I vaguely recall only being able to breathe shallowly.  I also remember very vividly the day she dropped and I could breathe again...  I hope everything's okay!
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  • While it may seem unrelated, that episode might have had something to do with your blood-sugar level.  I have a very VERY mild form of hypoglycemia (which means I tend to react exactly as you described if I haven't eaten in awhile and my blood-sugar has gotten low) that isn't treatable with anything other than eating frequently.  You might want to keep some snacks on hand, if you aren't in the practice already, because being pregnant taps your body's resources much faster than normal, so a sugar-drop can happen very quickly.  Couple this with difficulty breathing and it's no wonder your body would be like, "Oh, no, lady, I'm so out of here."
  • Just a thought... could it have been a panic attack??
    If you really want to be happy, no one can stop you.

  • image LoveEeyore:
    Just a thought... could it have been a panic attack??

    Thats what I thought - I once had a panic attack because I got all wrapped up in the fact I couldn't breathe as well.

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  • I do have hypoglycemia as well. However I had eaten and my blood sugar levels were fine. I never feel like that when I do have sugar lows. Usually I feel really shaky. It was very much a I can't breath moment. I know I don't have GD, and actually I have found that my blood sugar hasn't dipped since I've been pregnant. I am always eating so it think its helped a lot. I'll ask my doctor if its a possibility. 
  •  It did start to panic when my vision went blurry. I was really concentrating on not crashing.

    I would say there was no reason for a panic attack because I felt fine, not a anxious though in my mind. But, the not breathing did trigger panic. Which made it worst. I wasn't hyperventilating because I could just not breath.

     Sitting down is definitely a problem. My car just doesn't offer the support I need. My office chair also sucks. Sitting in general not conducive to air.

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