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My arms=his bed

I don't know what's happened this last week DS won't let me set him down to sleep.  He is so tired but will only stay asleep if he's being held.  Yesterday I tried all day to get him to sleep in either his crib or play pen but by the evening he was so overtired that the second he was set down he'd wake up and scream (like he was getting his shots).

 I don't know how to get him to stay asleep any suggestions?

Re: My arms=his bed

  • i have the same problem. ?i'm hoping its a phase so i just keep putting her down hoping one day she'll stay there!
  • I go through this a lot lately with my DS. Once he falls asleep I put him down and he notices he loses his mom for what seems more than a split second. He just wants to be held!
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  • us too - and it sucks at night!

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  • my DD goes through phases of wanting to be held for naps. this is what worked (sometimes) for us - wait at least 10 minutes (sometimes 20) and try to put them down. they are in a deeper sleep at this point and often will make the transition. Also, if you hold them in the crook of your arm, find a way to transition just your hand under their head before you place them down. easier to pull out.

    I also got good at putting a large pillow (like bed pillow, not throw) nearby when I was rocking her. I would then slip it on my lap and sit down, so at least I could rest my arms.

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  • Oh thank goodness. I thought it was only Alex. The last three days have been rough. I don't have many suggestions, but I am hoping other people answer you.
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  • My son does that sometimes. I just hold him until I know he wont wake up and then I put him in his crib. That's usually a good 30mins. I just find something interesting on tv in the mean time. It used to happen almost every day or every other day, but it only went for a week or two. Even still, there are a few days that he wants to be held, but they don't happen every day anymore.
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