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Who else is guilty of registry peeking??

I have been registered for months now, but with my shower approaching this weekend, I have found that I am getting obsessed with checking my registry to see what I have gotten, I may be having too much fin doing this!  And I get so excited when another item is taken off!  I always like knowing gifts I am getting and all for any holiday or birthday, but I was just curious is anyone else peeks at their registry too.  I have already checked it twice today and it is only 10:00 am.  LOL

Re: Who else is guilty of registry peeking??

  • Me, and I don't see what the big deal is at all. If I want to ruin my own surprise - which really isn't a surprise anyway since I PICKED THE GIFTS - what's all the fuss?
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  • OMG I was the ultimate registry stalker- multiple times every day!  I still occasionally check even though I have had all 3 of my showers and there is barely anything left on either one...

    It's fun and enjoy it!  Hope you get lots of great baby-goodies!!!

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  • I have a shower this weekend and next weekend and I check it daily too!! I can't help myself!
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  • I think I've checked it almost every single day since I registered ... even after all my showers were over.  No reason to check it now that the showers are over, but for some reason, i can't stop.
  • ::raising hand::

    I am guilty as well!  My shower is on Sat and I keep checking!  Embarrassed

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  • **raises hand**  I was just as bad with my wedding shower. My shower is next weekend and there are still a lot of things open on my registry. I figure this weekend will start the mass purchasing.

    I also don't see the big deal - I know what I registered for! Plus you still get to see who got you what.

  • I started checking mine again now that shower invitations are out.  I also am starting to get random calls, mostly from my MIL asking if another item is more acceptable than the one I put on the registry.  If we wanted that item, we would have put it on the list, so.... obviously we would prefer the one we chose.
  • It is just so much fun!  My mom keeps saying...dont look you want to be surprised, lol.  I totally stalk the registry and just talking about it makes me want to check again.  I have noticed with the shower being sunday, the past two days alot of items have been gotten.  Everytime I see something off I call my husband and tell him if he is at work, like a little kid haha
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    Me, and I don't see what the big deal is at all. If I want to ruin my own surprise - which really isn't a surprise anyway since I PICKED THE GIFTS - what's all the fuss?


  • it is my favorite pasttime and i do it waaaaay often :)
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  • My shower is this weekend too! I stalk my registry. haha! Too bad nobody knows to get the people at the store to scan it though, hardly anything has been updated. My mom has a big mouth though so she tells me things that her friends have got me!
  • our showers are over so there isnt much peeking over than to tweak things that were bought off one or other so we dont get triplicates etc. the registry systems stink so I watched it a lot and we still got 4 bumbo's and 4 bumbo tray's. go figure.
  • Both me and my mom are guilty.  I check at least once a day and so does she- we call each other if anything changed.  I don't think it's a big deal, personally, to look.  It's not like it says who got it for you, so the element of surprise is still somewhat there.
  • i do - everyday!!

    i am one of the few that doesnt know when there shower is but from my registry i think it is this weekend because stuff has been purchased everyday this week.  None of my friends or family have hinted about what im doing or tried to make plans so im not sure though!!!


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