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Cloth Diaper Order

Does this look like a sufficient order? Is anything missing?  I'm also re-posting this on 2nd Tri.



24 Indian Prefold Cloth Diapers size: infant
1 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap size: infant

1 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap size: small color: white
3 Snappi Cloth Diaper Fastener color: white
24 Kissaluvs Fitteds size: 0 various colors
6 Thirsties Diaper Cover size: x-small
3 Thirsties Diaper Cover size: small
6 Kissaluvs Boosters
36 bumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper various colors
2 bumGenius Diaper Doublers / Newborn Insert (3 Pack)

1 Maximum Capacity Diaper Pail with carbon filter
His and Hers Diaper Bags and Wet Bags

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Re: Cloth Diaper Order

  • i personally would not order that many kissaluvs. i really didn't like them much and for the money felt the newborn size prefolds (GMD) were such a better value. Also, i think 6 XS covers is more than you need. We had that many, and never used 2 of them. We haven't used BGs so i don't know much to tell you there, except that i have found it best to order one or two of a new diaper and try them on our son before i get a lot of one kind. For example, i'm finding he has issues with microfiber, and pocket diapers don't fit his scrawny legs, so it is good i don't have only those types of diapers. You will also want more covers in the larger sizes to use with your prefolds.

    baby Mae

  • personally i think 36 BGs are waay too many...
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  • 36 BG OS?  You do not need that many!!!!!
  • Definitely have enough! ?I would skip the bummis personally. ?Maybe 12-15 KL0 and 24 BGOS.

    I personally wouldn't get extra BG doublers either. ?They each come with one. ?So that is more than plenty. ?Maybe an extra pack of the regular BG OS insert.

    I would also wait on doublers and see how you like hemp ones! ?or bamboo! ?:o)?

    47 months &
    11 months
  • I would buy half the amount of KL's and maybe 4 covers in each size. I wouldn't buy that many BG's untill you know that they will work on your baby. Maybe start with 6 and go from there. Some babies don't do well with the microfiber, some just never fit into them the way they should. I think you'll be happier if you wait, you might discover other brands that you like better.?
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  • I second the posts above that you are ordering too many BG and x-small covers. When DS was a newborn we used the newborn covers for a very short time as he was a big baby.   We use BG for our nighttime diaper and you probably will not need doublers until DC is older at which time you may want hemp or bamboo instead of MF. I also did not like the Kissaluvs so I would steer away from them and like PP said I find that it is better to try one or two diapers out to see if you like them and if they work with your DC before ordering a large quanity.
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