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DS solid food / sippy cup struggles...

DS is almost 9 mo old and still refuses solid food.  He hasn't once opened up willingly for a bite!  We've tried carrots, sweet potatoes, apples and bananas.  I seriously have to "trick" him into opening his mouth, and then I feel bad when he makes a face, haha.

He has been EBF since birth, and we're not looking to wean him anytime soon so there is no rush...I'm just wondering if there is some trick to this?  He is not the kind of baby that puts stuff in his mouth.  He just picks stuff up and looks at it (which I guess I am grateful for as far as germs go :)

Anyone else's LO not interested in eating solids yet?

Re: DS solid food / sippy cup struggles...

  • Oh yeah, and he refuses the sippy cup as well.  He has never used a bottle (and has refused that in the past.)  I've read that some people just go straight to normal cups.... any advice welcome! :)
  • You know I'm sure he'll be fine! According to my mom I was exclusively  BF'd till I was about 12 months old...and then I started eating solids and she'd give me tee for those meals while still breastfeeding at night...

    The only concern with that is a possible delay in language/ speaking as he may take a little longer learning to manipulate his tounge...

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  • DD has never taken a paci, bottle or sippy cup. She just doesn't know to suck on them. We give her water, bm or a little juice from a regular cup. With me holding it of course, but she does surprisingly well with it. It can get a little messy.?

    As far as the food is concerned, dd was a great eater & now isn't since she got sick. She's better now, but she just isn't interested in solid food.?I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just keep trying. Maybe try some things off your plate while you're eating. Maybe he'll get the hint by watching you & trying to imitate you.?

    I know it's certainly easier to get dd to eat if everyone at the table is eating. ?I also wait till she's tired, but not starving. ?

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