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Bed Rest from here on out...

Well I went to my 32 wk appt yesterday, I told my dr I had been having increase in secrestions (which we all know is normal at this point), but I told her it was clear and watery.  Didnt think a think about it, 20 min later I fidn myself in labor and delivery scared to death.  Appears I am leaking amniotic fluid, it is at about half the level they want.  I have been monitored since yesterday, gettin an ultrasound done at noon to thouroughly check my baby, and measure the amount of fluid, then a amniocentisis done at 4, where they are going to inject a dye into my fluid, which i was told will make my baby blue now when he comes out (good thing we are Kentucky fans).  Him being blue is hte least of my worries, but just keep me and baby in your thoughts, and if you were experiencing this TELL your dr, I almost did not say anything just thinking it was the normal secreation increase, so heads up, if you even htink it is watery I would mention it to your dr.  But best case senerio I am on bed rest the rest of the pregnany at home, may be stuck in the hospital the whole time...ugh!  Any bed rest tips that can keep me from being so BORED, this is only day 2!!  Sad

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  • GL and sorry you have to go through this. Time will fly for you hopefully and we'll try and keep you busy if you get on here!
  • When I was bed rest (it was only a little more than a week) I stocked up on movies, had the laptop, and read a bunch. I also slept a lot -- my theory was to catch up on it as much as I could, while I still can.?
  • Wow....I'm so glad you said something to your doc.  I've been thinking about saying something to my doc about my "leakage".  It seems to have really increased lately and its a little different than what it used to be.  I'll definately be saying something to him today at my appointment. 
  • You will be in my thoughts. Take it easy
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  • Oh no...Good luck!  I've been on bedrest for the last 7 weeks and  I've been watching Food Network, sitting in bed with 100s of pillows, and cross-stitching.  Cross-stitching a birth announcement plaque thingy for her nursery has kept me busy!  Take care of yourself and your little boy.
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    When I was on bedrest the High Risk board was a big help. ?The ladies over there really understand how hard it can be and have great ideas to keep yourself from getting too bored. ?Good luck and keep us posted!
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  • I have been on bed rest since 32 weeks for low fluid.  My MWs goal was for me to make it to 36 weeks and I sucessfully did.  If they let you go home to be on bed rest drink as much water as you possibly can. If you can drink about a gallon of water a day, that is equivalent to what they would give you in a IV drip in a day.  I drink at least that much if not more per day and it is keeping my fluid just above the level my MW considers too dangerous.  What is your level at?

    Please keep me posted on how you are doing, I don't think there are a lot of ladies on here with this specific problem.  Come join the BR check in on the high-risk board if you have not already. 

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  • my level was at a 6 yesterday, my dr said she doesnt like seeing 7's or 8's.  I just got back from my ultrasound, the baby is TERRIFIC, he is measuring 33 weeks and taking breaths etc.  But I am still loosing fluid even though I have been on IV drips all day yesterday and last night and still on them.  I was down to a 5.3 just 30 min ago, my dr is coming to do the amnio so I will just see what happens then..thanks for all the advice on things to do....and for the comment from the lady with the leakage too, definatly say something bc that sounds like what happened to me, not to scare u, but my leakage was more and comlpletely different, no consistancy, just like water.  Thanks girls and I will keep u all posted!
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