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Hey moms, I am an almost mom and will be going to school part time after the baby is born.. does anyone know where a reliable babysitting/nannying place is? or have recommendations?




Re: childcare?

  • You could check with churches in the area. ?I'm in Tempe and Our Lady of Mt Carmel has a babysitting board.


    Also, I'm not sure where you are located, but I'm trying to find someone to babysit swap with. ?I am free Monday through Thursday but unfortunately need a babysitter on Friday and Saturdays. ? Maybe we could work something out, or it might be something for you to think about trying to find, too!

    ?Best of luck!


  • Do either of you need something part time or full time?


    I am a nanny, currently 5 months pregnant. In three weeks I'll be off for the summer and am TOTALLY free! If you need someone, send me an email, I'd love to help. (


    I live in downtown Tempe too!


    Look forward to possibly hearing from you!



  • Thanks!  how old are your kids?  Where in tempe are you located? 
  • we are really close in pregnancy dates!  I'm not looking for a nanny, but definitely looking for soon to be mommies in the area for play dates and for some sanity haha!
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