2nd Trimester

We won a $1000 at Ikea! Encouraging story for you!

We had a brand new Ikea open near our home and I asked my husband to go to sign up for a $1000 shopping spree. He was hating the crowds and said there is no way we will win with thousands of?entries.


One morning I was praying about?finances for our future baby to come and?journaling. That very afternoon I received a phone call from my husband telling me I was not going to?believe?that he won?the $1000 shopping spree. Prayer works! Best part is we have the cutest crib and changing table and so much more to buy for our baby to come. Ladies sign up for?giveaways!?You may just win! Oh and if you?believe?in the power of prayer Pray!


Mommy Jung?

Re: We won a $1000 at Ikea! Encouraging story for you!

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