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Has anyone taken a nursing "holiday"? So tired.

I read somewhere you could do this at a certain age.  Just wondering how you would without interrupting your milk production?  Pumping?

Lately LO has been running me ragged.  Mostly at night.  She is up from 3 to 6, and before then doesn't sleep longer than an hour.  SHe nurses for 5 mins at a time, then gets all agitated and starts pulling at my breast, fussing, bobbing her head.  Then she'll scream.  Last night I got no sleep again.  I would like to get her on somewhat of a schedule.  I can't do this much longer.

she is six weeks old.  I know it could be a growth spurt, but she was doing this last week too.

Re: Has anyone taken a nursing "holiday"? So tired.

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