2nd Trimester

Woke up with killer leg cramp

DH woke me up to say goodbye (going to the base at 4 AM?) and my leg just CRAMPED.  I've had that happen one other time last week, and it kills.  I can feel it coming and usually straighten or bend my leg to avoid it, but today I was in a deep sleep and it just took over.

Anyone else get these?  Ouch.

Me – 33 (no diagnosis), DH – 41 (MFI)

IVF #1/ICSI 2008 – 22 ER, 21 F, Day 3 transfer (8A and 8B) - BFP, 3 Frosties

Surprise BFP 2010

Surprise BFP 2011

Shipped frosties from TX to VA in 2012

FET #1 May 2013, single blast – BFN

FET #2 August 2013 2 blasts – BFN

IVF #2/ICSI/AH Jan 2014 – 8 ER, 7M, 6 F Day 3 transfer (grade 2 & 3), no frosties - BFP!

Re: Woke up with killer leg cramp

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