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Recommend Your Bottles

Could you please recommend what bottles you found were great?  I'm looking to breast feed so not sure if that matters on the type of bottle to purchase.


Thank you!

Re: Recommend Your Bottles

  • We started with Dr. Browns Natural Flow bottles but they tend to leak at least for us.  So now we use plain jane bottles made by Parents Choice (WalMart brand).  They are cheap and don't leak!

  • i use and will always use with all of my future kiddos - dr browns. she has no colic, burps great - never had a problem at all and i  <3 them!
  • do NOT buy Avent!!!  I thought they were great (and supposed to be good nipples for BF babies), but they leak ALL the time.  There's tricks to make them not leak, but the tricks don't always work.  Today, I took 3 -6.5oz bottles to daycare, but when I got there I had 2 -1oz and 1 -3oz!  I'm so IRATE!  All that wonderful breastmilk in the bottom of my bag and I had to get DH to drop off more for her this afternoon.  Ridiculous!!

     I've heard good things about borne free & dr browns

  • We use Avent and love them.  DS has never had a problem going from bottle to breast.  It will depend on your baby though.  Some don't care what bottle they have and others are really picky.  DS took everything.  Dr. Brown's made him gassier and he took drop ins fine, but I thought it was pita to have to keep buying the liners.  If I were registering now, I would have chosen Born Free glass instead of Avent.  I would get a wide mouth bottle if I were you.
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  • I had Avent and love them. If milk is leaking out just carrying around in a diaper bag you aren't putting them together correctly.
  • I BF and love our Playtex Drop-Ins. 

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  • Dr. Browns!  Love em!
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  • Playtex VentAire Advanced.  Love them!
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  • image MrsL.inMarch:
    I had Avent and love them. If milk is leaking out just carrying around in a diaper bag you aren't putting them together correctly.

    Ditto this.  DS takes the Avent bottles the best, but you have to make sure you screw them on correctly.  The threads are weird because of the anti-colic feature and you have to line them up correctly before screwing the top on.  I haven't had a bottle leak once since I figured out how to screw the top on properly.

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