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Where is baby sleeping?

So torn about whether or not to get a cradle, co-sleeper, bassinet, etc. My hubby works long hours and gets up at 4 AM every day...so I am wondering whether or not it will be a good idea to have something in our room...or if baby should just go right to the nursery (which is right next to our room.)


Re: Where is baby sleeping?

  • I'm getting a bassinet.  But my DH does not get up until 8am usually.
  • We have a PNP set up in our bedroom....but I have a feeling we'll be introducing her to her own room pretty soon (everything she needs is in the nursery so we'll be in there a lot I think)
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  • we have a PnP set up in our room!
  • My friend sleeps downstairs with her newborn in a PNP to avoid waking her husband (who has a similar early schedule) and her DD.

  • we're doing the arm's reach cocoon (it's like an amby bed) in our room and then eventually we'll do a crib.
  • We have a pnp in our room, but if this one is anything like our son, she will sleep on daddy for the first 2 weeks then go to the pnp, then to her crib at about 2 months...haha here's to wishful thinking!!

  • We have a cradle set up in our bedroom, but I doubt she sleeps there very long because she will prob grow out of it quickly.  I will decide from there if we are moving the PNP in our room or if she will go to her crib. 
  • We will have the PNP set up in our room, but we are considering getting a co-sleeper this go around because DD never made it back into the PNP after the first night feeding.  Plus , we're in a different house this time around and it is a 3 story townhouse, so we want a PNP on one of the other levels of the house as well, so we're thinking co-sleeper in our room with the PNP in our main living area.

    Each person is different.  I have a friend that has the baby in the crib the first night home, because after trying having the baby in her room with her first she decided that she preferred the baby in the nursery.  She felt everyone slept better, so baby #2 and #3 went straight to the nursery.  

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  • No way to co-sleeping... and for the first few weeks or so he will be in a bassinet in our bedroom. But after that he will go into his own room which is next to our room.
  • any time you have to get OUT of bed makes life more difficult IMO... even if the nursery is close- it sucks if you have to get up just to put a paci back in, or just to pat a belly...

    this is why i highly recommend a bedside cosleeper.  We had a regular bassinet for DS and hated it b/c we had to get up so often... and it was in our room.

    so we sold it and got a bedside cosleeper and it was great- i was able to reach over and pat his belly if he was fussy... put his paci back in, etc - all without getting up. He also started to STTN once we got it- i think he liked being able to see me, etc. (at 8w old).

    we will have the twins in 2 bedside cosleepers... for probably about 3 months, like we did with DS.

  • We are going straight for the crib on day 1.  We live in a 1 floor condo and I can hear anything in there and the nursery is literally 15 steps away.  We didn't want to spend money on another "bed" and all that for just a couple weeks.  I'm a little nervous, but a lot of people say it will be ok since our rooms are right next to each other.  Eventhough I can hear everything, we will still have a monitor to rest my mind, LOL.
  • We will put the baby in the crib in the nursery from the start.

    We decided that a bassinet isn't worth the money for us because the baby can only be in it for a short time. A lot of bassinets have a VERY low weight limit.

    Also, we don't want to worry about how the baby would transition between sleeping in our room and sleeping in their own room. The nursery is right next to our room, so it shouldn't be a problem.

  • image sarahgirl_16:

    We have a pnp in our room, but if this one is anything like our son, she will sleep on daddy for the first 2 weeks then go to the pnp, then to her crib at about 2 months...haha here's to wishful thinking!!

    Oh and also, my husband works 12 hour shifts, 6 am to 6 pm, goes to bed around 9:30 or 10, and is up at 4:30, if that answers your question a little more.

  • When I had DS he was in his crib right from the beginning because his room was just down the hall from ours & I could hear him without the baby monitor.  THis time around the baby will be in the pack n play in our room until he's sleeping through the night.  He'll be sharing a room with DS and I don't want to put the baby in with him and wake DS up every 3 hours. 

    Also we're using the pack n play with the bassinet top because we'll get more use out of it than a bassinet / cradle. 

  • we will have a bassinet in our room for a little while but plan on transitioning him to the nursery very soon.  It is literally right outside our door & there are 6 inches separating our door frames.  It will almost be like he is still in the room

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  • He'll be in his PNP in our room until month 3 or 4...then in his crib in the nursery.
  • We got a co-sleeper. I figured I would want to limit the amount of times we'd have to physically get out of bed while sleep deprived, and that way all I have to do is roll over to get to the baby if he needs to be fed/changed/comforted.
  • She'll be in a cradle in our room for the first few weeks and then we'll move her to her crib. Her room is right across the hall and of course we have a monitor so I think I'll be OK with that.
  • my DH has a similar sched. he is up out of the house at 5.

    for DD i had a PnP in the room, but for the first 2 months i slept with her doen stairs in the TV room. she was up every hr or 2 so it was easier for me to feed her and watch tv.

    then i moved her to the bedroom in the PnP when she was sleeping for 4 hrs at a time.

  • You will really really be thankful if you have a bassinet in your bedroom right beside you.  That way you don't even have to get out of bed if you are breastfeeding.  That's what we did and I so enjoyed my many times up in the middle of the night.  The chore of getting out of bed is harder than staying away and enjoying the feeding.  There's just something about actually getting up, the cooler air, the walk that makes it so much harder. 
  • PNP next to our bed at first and then see how things go - then to crib in her nursery.
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  • My DH also wakes up early (3:30 am) the baby will be in a bassinet in our room.  They really arnen't so expencive.  I found mine for $40 and I'll be reusing it when we have another baby in the future.
  • We have an Arm's-Reach Co-sleeper (Mini) in our bedroom.  That's partly because I wanted to be very close to the baby in the night, but also partly because we're in a small apartment that doesn't have SPACE for a nursery.

    I figure we'll be consistently re-evaluating things once the Bun finishes baking - maybe we're NOT getting enough sleep and will want the baby in another room, or maybe _I_ can deal with the up/down all the time in the night, but my husband can't, so the baby and I will "move out" for a little while or something.  It's really hard to say.

    It seems that current research suggests that babies are happier when their needs are met as soon as is possible.  (I don't think they specify "one minute" or "ten minutes", so I imagine it's whatever works out for you guys.)

  • He'll be in a bassinet and then a pack n play in our room for the first three months or so.  Then he'll be in his nursery.  We did that with our older son and it worked out well - we'll also have to see how his sleep patterns go!
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