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Tell me your laundry routine please...and detergent.

First off, I am not sure what detegent to buy.  Is there one that works for all types of CDs? 

Seems like every site has a different recommendation on how much detergent/water to use and what cycles to use.  I am overwhelmed. 

I need to get all my prefolds prepped and other dipes washed before baby comes!

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Re: Tell me your laundry routine please...and detergent.

  • I love Crunchy Clean cloth diaper detergent- it's made by a nestie and a lot of ladies on this board use it.

    I'm still tweaking my routine, but I've been doing a cold rinse first with a little CC sprinkled in, then a hot wash with 1 TBS CC and a small squirt of Dawn, then a cold rinse with a splash of vinegar.

    ETA: This is what I do with heavily soiled loads. There are times I skip the Dawn and the extra rinse cycle at the end.

  • Most girls on here use Cruncy Clean for their detergent.  I haven't used it myself but I've heard great reviews.

    And wash routine is cold rinse/hot wash/cold rinse (only sometimes) 

    I usually hang dry, but sometimes, if I'm in a hurry or it's nasty outside I will use the dryer.

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  • I use a homemade detergent.  I make my own.  To buy, I recommend Crunchy Clean.

    As for wash.  I do a cold wash/rinse cycle with about 1/2-3/4 tbs detergent.  Then follow with a hot wash/cold rinse (mine doesn't have hot rinse) and a full tablespoon of detergent.

    As for drying.  If it's sunny, I line dry.  If not, dry on med. heat.  I use a lot of AIOs, so I remove all of my covers and pockets and run another dry cycle.  I use an automatic dry cycle so that it doesn't run too much.  It 'knows' when it's dry as opposed to a timed dry.

    My machines are not HE btw.  I wish they were, but that's an expense that will come another day :)

    Hope this helps, even a little :)

  • I'm only at the pre-washing stage (as my Bun isn't finished baking yet), but I washed all my new diapers and ProWraps thrice - once with All Free & Clear, once with Method laundry detergent and once again with All.
  • I have an old-school washing machine.

    I do a cold rinse with 1 tbsp of Crunchy Clean diaper detergent, then a hot/cold run with another tbsp.  I sometimes add a tiny squirt of Dawn or a scoop of oxi-cleaner stuff if things are stinky, sat for a while in the pail, whatever.

    I try to air dry, but when I don't I put them in the dryer with wool dryer balls.

    Before I started with this routine, I washed a couple loads of towels and tees and such with Crunchy Clean and no fabric softener to sort of clean out my machines of all the softeners and additives and such.

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