3rd Trimester

DH is so cute sometimes..

My mom who lives in PA was going to buy us our travel system from BRU.  well.. i had a 15% coupon that expired today and told her i would go buy it and she could just put the money for it in my bank account in PA... so she could save 45 dollars ya know?  But anyways.. we went to pick it up and after we bought it and got in the truck to go home my DH looks at me with a very serious face and tells me "Carrie, this base to the car seat is going in my truck."  in the most authoritative voice which he never does.  I just looked at him and smiled and was like uh.. okay cause my sister is giving us another base so we'll have 2.  Then as soon as we got home he put the stroller together explained it to me like I was a moron, explained the car seat and then installed the base in his truck and i believe he also has the car seat in the truck as well "getting use to it".   I just thought it was cute cause he's so excited to be having a son and he's going to be a great dad!


Re: DH is so cute sometimes..

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