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Is your DH sleeping over at hospital? Clicky poll...

So I'm have a c-section tomorrow.  I told DH I want him to stay with me the first night, and then we'll see how it goes the next couple nights.  I think he wants to come home and sleep.....can't blame him....it would be more comfy.  But I kinda want him there.  What are you doing?



Re: Is your DH sleeping over at hospital? Clicky poll...

  • He'll definitely be at the hospital for as long as I'm at the hospital. No way would be leave me and the baby alone overnight, though I'd fully support him going home to nap during the day.
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  • If we had other children at home, I would have voted yes to the first night and we'll see about the rest.  However, this is our first and as long as I have a private room (our hospital has some private and some shared), he is staying... the whole time.  Of course being at home would be more comfortable, but there is no way I want him to be at home.  This is so new to both of us and I want him to stay with me and the baby.
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  • I put yes but since all the rooms at my hospital are double rooms there is a chance he won't be able to.  He really wants to be able to stay and so do I but if it is really busy/full he may not be able to.
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  • Our hospital has all private suites for the family.  They encourage DH to stay on the pull-out-couch they provide in each room.  And Baby rooms-in too.  That way, we can call nurses to help us when we need it, but they really push for the family to learn and bond and cope together during that time.
  • he wants stay the night. ?we don't live that far away from the hospital (maybe 15 minutes tops) but he's excited as i am and i know he wants to be there for the first night at least. ?
  • sure- sleeping at home is more comfortable- but you will need his help - with the baby or even just to get up to the bathroom... or just to have him get you something that is across the room.  Moving around after giving birth (vag or c/s) is not easy - and nurses aren't in your room all the time to help so fast.

    my DH spent every night in the hospital with me before and after i gave birth (i was in a total of 16 nights all together between kidney stones, PTL and giving birth).  Was he tired? Sure- so was I.  Sleep is one of the first things you have to give up as a new parent.

    my DH went hom each morning for about an hour or so to shower, take care of the dogs, etc. 

  • Just wanted to respond and say I love your nursery!! You did a great job!! And as for the poll, I am sending DH home to sleep. That way he is more comfortable and will probably be in a better mood. That way, if I need him the next day, he is fully rested and can't give me any excuses!!
  • My DH wants to, but I'm sending his ass home.


    We have a 12 yr old dog with a bladder the size of an acorn, and i KNOW i will not sleep well feeling so bad that he's trying to sleep in a chair. We need to both get what last sleep we can!?

  • I love that out of 45 responses not one single person is leaving the decision up to her DH.  Ha!

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  • My DH won't be staying with me, we live about 3 miles from the hospital so if he had to get back for some reason it would be a quick drive. I also don't think that he could comfortably sleep in the little chair/bed thing they have.
  • It's sad to say, but part of our decision will be made by the dog. If we have friends/family in town who can go by our house to let her out, DH will be with me 24/7. But if no one can come right away, he'll have to go home for the damn dog. Love my dog, but sheesh.
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  • My DH really wants to go home to sleep, but I am not about to let him.  I am terrified of hospitals and I don't want to be there by myself.  I'm sure that when the baby actually arrives DH will change his tune and be happy to stay with us, but right now he is not thrilled about sleeping on the pull out couch.
  • All the rooms at my hospital are private and there is a fold out twin bed for DH. He is excited to stay with me! They have a "nourishment room" just down the hall where there is a constant supply of snacks and drinks so he was happy about that. :)
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  • My DH wouldn't go home to sleep even if I told him too!
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  • I'm leaving it up to him. I want at least one of us to be well-rested, but I am not going to kick him out or argue if he wants to stay.
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  • I'm not sure because we have a 2.5 DD! ?
  • Yep he'll be there. When I was in high risk he was there all 5 days except to run out and get us food. I don't think he would even think about leaving anyways.
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  • He'll be staying with me the whole time. My mom is going to stay at our house and dog-sit.

    All of the postpartum rooms at our hospital are private, and some even have queen size beds. They want your husband to stay with you and the baby to encourage bonding.

    Even if he has to sleep on the pull-out couch thingy, I don't think he'll care. He's one of those lucky people who can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. 

  • He slept at the hospital with me when our first was born (c-section).  This time around I told him that he should go home and be with our first born and I'll be okay without him. 
  • DH did not stay with me the 1st time  I didn't find it necessary for him to stay overnight.  He would stay  til about 11 and come back the next day but I figured no sense in neither of us getting sleep.  I was fine with DD in the room with me and I was nursing her anyway so it's not like he could feed her.  We also have a dog at home that I didn't want left alone.  DH wanted to stay but I made him go home!

    This time he definitely won't stay overnight, we have a 16 month daughter.  He'll be taking care of her the whole time so he probably won't be there that much...DD probably won't be too thrilled with the hospital room.  I hate being in the hospital I want to get out ASAP!

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    Our hospital has all private suites for the family.  They encourage DH to stay on the pull-out-couch they provide in each room.  And Baby rooms-in too.  That way, we can call nurses to help us when we need it, but they really push for the family to learn and bond and cope together during that time.


    Ditto this for us!


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  • DH stayed with me every night when I had DS.  I had a c-section and was there for four nights.  He went to work two of the days and just came back to the hospital and stayed with us.
  • No one can stay overnight at our hospital :( If he could he would.


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  • He'll be staying with me. It was very difficult trying to get rest and take care of a newborn at the same time. I really needed him there when we had our daughter. And no way would he even leave me there alone, even if I asked him to go home.
  • We just had this discussion today because hopefully he'll be getting a new job tomorrow.  I told him he could stay the first night and then go to work/home after visiting me for the rest of the time.  He said he could probably stay all the nights even with the new job.  So, we'll see.

    With our 1st, he took 2 weeks off and stayed with me in the hospital the whole time I was there.

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    My DH wouldn't go home to sleep even if I told him too!

     Ditto.  He wants to stay but will probably run home the next day for a shower, etc.

  • He stayed at the hospital with me after I had DS, but this time I'm going to send him home.  I think DS would be a little freaked out if we were both gone for two nights.
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    Nope.  I wanted him home to feed the cat and figured he might as well get the sleep while he can.  And now we have DD and a new dog, plus my cat who needs meds, so I'll want him home.

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  • Nope.  After 2 experiences with him there.....I've decided it's better that he stays home with the girls.  Being trapped in a single room for days was NOT pleasant!  Plus, he snores.  At the hospital, he was clear across the room, so I'd have to keep getting up to tell him to stop the effing snoring.

    This time, no.....I will be peaceful, by myself (well, with the baby) sleeping at the hospital and enjoying every second of my mini-vacation away from 2 screaming kids and a snoring DH.  

    I will read and order food and enjoy the peace of ONE baby and nobody bothering me.  Aside from the giving birth part, I can't wait.

  • He will be with me, I don't see any other option. We don't have kids, pets and will have a private room. He can suck up a few days of uncomfy considering what this body has gone through since being pregnant. Luckily this was a non-issue, he wants to be there with me.
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