3rd Trimester

I'm starting to rethink the whole "working to the end" thing.

I'm out of breath constantly, my back kills me if I sit for too long, and sitting also makes the sciatica flare up. My ankles are swelling and I'm just plain old exhausted. Yesterday I got really dizzy and almost fell out of my chair (it only lasted for about 30 seconds and then never happened again). My doctor told me she would write a note to get me out of work for the last few weeks, but I keep telling her no. I'm starting to think I'm crazy. Maybe I need to rethink her offer. It would be so nice to just be able to lay down when my back started hurting, or take a nap when I need one.



Re: I'm starting to rethink the whole "working to the end" thing.

  • I completely agree with you, I plan on leaving around 37-38 weeks....I may be bored but I want to rest as much as I can, I don't get enough now!
  • If you are feeling like that, I'd be rethinking the offer!!!
  • I would love to not have to "work to the end" but unfortunately I am only taking 6 weeks (5 paid) and really want to have all of that time for after the baby comes.  That is why I'd also be very happy if she comes early but not too early!  :)
  • I was in a similar situation...planned on working until the end.  I worked through yesterday (39W3D) and now I'm home, just waiting on the baby! :)  GL and hopefully you can get this figured out!
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  • I was the same way..wanted to work up until the end.  However, I'm a pre-school teacher and everyone told me I was crazy.  Yeah they were right.  I'm working until I'm 36 weeks..then I'm done.  It's just too much now.
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  • I'm with you, but I'm really torn because I want to use all of my maternity leave for after the baby arrives.
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  • Me too. I can't believe I have 6 more weeks of this. I've always said I'd work until I go into labor, but that's starting to feel impossible. I suspect I'll duck out at 39 weeks.
  • I'm being induced at 39 weeks. I think I'll work until 37, maybe 38 and then take the last week or two off.


  • i plan on working till i go bc i want all the time i can with elise before i have to go back to that hell hole i call work.
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  • I was already planning on taking my 3 weeks of holidays before I start my mat leave but I just found out that all of my back pain is from a rib that is popped out of place and they might not be able to fix it. Apparantly it is only going to get worse as the baby gets bigger so it looks like I might have to go on medical leave and be done work a lot sooner than anticipated.
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  • I am taking my last week off.  I was totally planning on working to the end and this Tuesday I rethought that!   I feel so much better with an end in sight.
  • I hope you feel better and get to leave work a little early to get some rest!
  • me too! At my appt. on Tuesday my doctor said he'd write me out anytime. I told him I was trying to stick it out because I didn't think my STD would cover anything before delivery. Turns out, it covers a week prior. I still plan to come in next week but I think Wednesday will be my last day instead of Friday.

    With DS I worked until the end - worked on Friday, went home, went to bed and my water broke. I guess things are different this time. With a DC at home, being older, etc. I'm exhausted, in pain, and just plain hate work right now. So I think I'll bring it up on Tuesday and get that note!

  • I hear your pain, but let me give you some encouraging words.  Just because your back and sciatic are killing you now doesn't necessarily mean that it will all the way to the end.  My worst weeks by far were weeks 35 and 36 in terms of discomfort.  My back was killing me; I walked like an old lady through the halls; kept heat on my back almost all day; would cry at the end of the day; and could not imagine toughing it out til the end. 

    At week 37, though, I started to feel fantastic.  The little guy must have shifted positions and his head is no longer grinding into my back. 

    And, when it was at its worst for me, I asked work for an accommodation .... I had been parking in a remote lot about 4 blocks from the office and the walk was taking forever.  I asked if they could accommodate my parking under our building til the end of my pregnancy, and they gladly concurred.  I don't know if there's anything you can ask of work that would ease some of your pain, discomfort, etc., but think about that. 

  • I am 3 days overdue and decided yesterday would be my last day.  I really wanted to work until she came, but I just couldn't take it anymore.  I'm telling you...once that due date comes and goes, you REALLY feel like you've hit a wall.  I felt like a bad mom for not saving as much time as possible, but I want to be well-rested and relaxed when it's time, too (being induced Monday if she doesn't come before then).

  • My dr. offered me four weeks before my due date, and I said I only wanted two.  I thought I'd drive myself crazy being at home that long.  I probably would.  But if I'd taken the four weeks I'd only have two more days of work!!  I'm sure I'll rethink that decision every day I get up for work in the next two weeks.
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