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Still Bloated after Miscarriage...

First I wanted to say that this board has been a great source of support and comfort to me over the past couple of weeks (I have been more of a lurker than a poster though  Embarrassed). I miscarried on March 29 at 5 weeks 2 days pregnant.  I have had an ultrasound and they have confirmed a complete abortion (their term not mine, made me feel horrible when the nurse described it this way).  The bleeding had stopped on Monday (TMI...sorry) but is now back and I am so bloated that I can barely do my pants up.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I am really scared that I have an infection...

Re: Still Bloated after Miscarriage...

  • Im sorry I dont have any advice for you.  I just wanted to say sorry for your loss.  And the girls here are great!
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  • I am so sorry for your loss.  I had my m/c and D&C on March 9th and I felt bloated for about three weeks.  Once the hormones calmed down the bloat started to go away though my breasts are still a little bigger than normal even though I have been religious about my exercise and eating they still have yet to go down to normal size.  If you think you might have an infection I would go see your doctor just to make sure you are okay and it will give you peace of mind to talk with your doctor.  Sending you lots of hugs today! 
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  • Thank you for your response (and the hugs). I am so sorry for your loss as well.

    I didn't even think about hormones causing the bloating (duh).  I was hoping that exercise and eating properly would help but so far it is not working.  I think you are right about peace of mind and I am going to try and go to a walk in clinic after work. 

  • I stayed bloated for a loong time after my first m/c. Looks like this one is going the same way. It's not fair! I hope you feel better soon.
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  • Hi, I am so sorry for your loss.  I felt the exact same after my first missed miscarriage.  I still felt bloated/pregnant and my boobs hurt for a few weeks after.  It takes a while for all the hcg to leave your system.  Good luck and take care of yourself!
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  • I'm so sorry for your loss.  My miscarriage was confirmed about a week ago (happened right around 5 weeks) and I'm still bloated, completely exhausted and my veins are still pretty prominent.  I actually took an HPT this morning to see if my HCG was still high enough to give a positive and, sure enough, it came up right away.  It seems so cruel to continue to have these symptoms after a loss.  Hang in there!!

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