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Colposcopy at 28 weeks?

My doctor just called and said that they are going to be performing a colposcopy at my appointment next week. ?I had one right before I got my BFP and it was awful, I can't even imagine how it's going to feel this time. ?Has anyone else had one of these at this stage in their pregnancy?

Re: Colposcopy at 28 weeks?

  • I have never had one when I was pg.  Why do the want to do one now?  Can't they wait until 6 weeks after the baby's birth?

  • Ihad one a t16 weeks and they didn't take a biopsy because of bleeding. 
  • They said that there were abnormalities from a?pap-smear?done at the beginning of my pregnancy and they want to monitor them. ?I'm a little concerned because I remember the lady who performed mine before I was pregnant asked me "Is there any chance you are pregnant? ?If there is we may not do this." ?I'm a little freaked out...
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    Ihad one a t16 weeks and they didn't take a biopsy because of bleeding.?

    ?I will assume then that they won't be taking a biopsy. ?Was it very painful??

  • 2nd tri is dull tonight so I was lurking around - I had one done when I was pregnant, but didn't know I was.. They said the same thing to me that they shouldn't do it if I was pregnant, but didn't bother to test me. I asked my dr. last appt if it would have any affect on the baby and she said no it didn't, that they do them on pregnant women often. Sorry though! That's not something I'd want to be doing! GL!

  • I had 2 during the pregnancy, one at 14 weeks and another at 20 weeks with a specialist.. The specialist told me that there is nothing wrong with doing the colposcopy, but do not let them do any other type of procedure unless it is trulllly necessary/serious (regardless of pregnant or not). The more procedures/biopsies you have, the more it affects your cervix and could affect future pregnancies.. GL!
  • I've heard of them doing a colpo on pregnant women, but not a biopsy.  I thought the colpo was painless, it was the biopsy that killed.
  • I had to have a colposcopy last week and will have the full biopsy after the baby is here. It wasn't fun but didn't hurt.?
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  • Sorry, forgot I was lurking on 3rd!
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  • I actually just had one at my dr. appt. last week. besides being incredibly uncomfortable I was totally freaked out because the nurse had me sign a waiver that explained that a biopsy could result in a miscarriage. thankfully my doctor desided to wait til after I give birth to do the biopsy. I talked to my aunt right after about the procedure ( shes an RN as well as a wonderful midwife) she said that finding abnormal cells during pregnancy is completely normal because of all the changes your body is going through and they will most likely clear up after birth. So hopefully you doctor will either put the procedure on hold or at least put the biopsy on hold til after you deliver. GL!
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