separation anxiety at 2 1/2?

hey ladies, i haven't been on in a while, but i have a question. DD has started waking up and screaming for me, as soon as i come in or bring her to our room she cuddles up as close as she can get to me and goes back to sleep. it's only me, she doesn't want DH, just me. I am wondering if it is maybe serarationanxiety since i work during the day, has anyone experienced this? thanks!

Re: separation anxiety at 2 1/2?

  • Yes, my dd is 3.4 and still does this.
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    yes!  We have been talking about re-evicting DS from our bed and have decided to let it go for now. He just needs us.  He was very self-sufficient/independent a few months ago and then it all changed.  He's fiercely independent in some ways.  And chaotically needy in others.  I haven't experienced it before so I'm just trying to respect it.
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  • Yes!  My DD started to have nightmares around that age, too. . . and they've just intensified now that she's 3.  DH can calm her down if he needs to, but she calms down more quickly for me.
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  • DS just started this about 2 weeks ago. I put a nightlight in his room (he never had one before) and the last 2 nights have been better. Honestly though, I don't really know what is going on. Nightmares? 2 year molars? Separation anxiety? I just pray every night and hope for the best.
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