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Who will be in the delivery room w/ you?

DH and I have talked extensively about this, and his feeling is that this is our first moment and parents and it should be just the two of us (and med team) in the delivery room.?


My mother, however, has been glowing over the idea of being able to see a birth for the first time since i got my bfp. I completely agree with DH and would like it to just be the two of us, but dear lord that woman's heart will break if she is told she's not wanted in there.?


Who's going to be in the room with you when it's time??


Re: Who will be in the delivery room w/ you?

  • Just DH and I. My mom was there when Olivia was born, and she got to hold her before I did (I had a c/s) and that is NOT happening again. So it'll be us, and everyone can come see us once we're ready, probably a few hours later. My mom was the same as yours, she would have been devestated. Hindsight being 20/20 though, I wish I would have just said no. Just my two cents!
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  • Just me and DH. I haven't talked about this with my mom or anyone else yet... but I just wouldn't feel comfortable with anyone else in the room.

     DH wants to catch the baby... not sure how I feel about this... I know he's seen it all (he's a doctor) but he doesn't need to see it with me... haha

  • Just DH, and of course the usual entourage of nurses and other medical staff :-)

    You should probably be honest with your mom now, because the longer she thinks she's going to be in the delivery room with you, the worse its going to be to tell her no.

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  • DH and my mom and possibly a doula.  We are at a birth center, so I have to go natural and my mom had me and my brother naturally.  I know I just personally need someone there from my real life that has done it to reassure me that I can, too.  That and DH gets more and more nervous as the days go by and I don't need to worry about him melting down.  I don't know how I would go about telling my mom we just wanted the 2 of us in there, good luck!  Maybe she could be there for labor, but not the pushing or something?
  • I'm going to have by BF and my mom. I wonder how his mom is going to react to not being asked to be in the room? Hmm... had not thought of that, but still I don't want her in there...that would make me terribly uncomfortable.?
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  • Whoa!  How'd I get to 1st tri??  Haha, hi ladies!  Random.
  • First birth, my husband & my best friend (C's Godmother) were there.  GREAT experience.

    This time around, I've offered two of my closest friends the option of being there (along with the hubs).  My bestie lives on the other side of the country, so I can't make sure that she's here.  Both of the girls are super excited and I think they'll be awesome coaches and distractions for us.  One of them has already offered to go to a Bradley class with me (DH's work schedule keeps him from attending), which will be a lot of fun, too.  Super excited about L&D this time - I have an idea of what's going to happen!

  • Just me and BF. I already made it clear to my Mom. She said thats fine but she will be there waiting just incase I need her.
  • just me and DH and the med people. I want it to be something special that me and him can share alone.
  • we are allowed to have up to 2 people with us.  I will have DH and my mom.  My mom was there with me with DS, and I really needed her by my side.  DH wants his mom to be there too...my mom had said that if it's going to be a problem that she will stay in the waiting area and then just DH and I can share the moment...I need my mom though.  I'm sorry, my MIL is not good enough.  If God forbid something were to go wrong, I would need my mother there with me, DH can go find his mom in the waiting area.  Especially if something were to go wrong with me.  Yes, my mother will be in the room too.
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  • Just me and DH.  Sorry Mom and MIL.  Not this time, probably not any time.
  • Besides the obvious medical staff, DH and my best friend.  If you're concerned about how your mom will take it and really can't stomach telling her yourself, most doctors and nurses are willing to be the bad guys.  When I did my time in OB we would kick everyone out for the cervix check and then ask her with no one around.  If she said everyone was welcome, they stayed (#s within reason), but if she said, "Oh, they're driving me nuts but I feel bad telling them to leave," then I did the dirty work.  "I'm sorry folks, but we dont' permit this many people in the room at this stage of labor, we'll need room to work and prepare for the impending delivery.  There's coffee in the waiting room and we'll keep you all updated as often as possible."

  • My hubby and my mom, she was able to take pics and video. While Ben was encouraging and watching the whole time. It was sooo wonderful and full of emotions.
  • DH and I only. 

    For DS birth it was like a circus with DH, MIL, his Aunt and friend.  With DD it was DH, MIL and my sis.  It's just too much!  Luckily my mom freaks at the sight of me in pain so she has a hard time standing outside of the room much less being right there front and center!

  • DH and possibly my mom.  We haven't decided yet.
  • Just DH and medical staff.
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  • I was thinking about that too, I know my SIL said she wants to be in there and my DH is GOING to be there lol but I kinda just want it to be just us when the baby comes but I dont know how to be mean and tell people no but I dont what I'm going to do I still have 30 weeks lol
  • We have been TTC for a/b a month and have already had this discussion.....Just me and Hubby! mommy wasnt there when we made baby......LOL!! And also the fact that hubbies mom passed away 9 yrs ago I dont feel right havin my mom  in there and not his.....so it will be just us and the med team! I want that to be a just us moment!
  • Just me. DH and my mom can wait outside. I really do better by myself in medical situations as they both will pass out or something.
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  • Me, DH and hopefully my sister (if she can make it). If she can't make it, it will just be DH and I (if he doesn't pass out).




  • Only DH and I (and the staff of course). I've never understood the desire to have other people in the room, way to personal IMO. To each his own though...
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  • DH and Mom. It is not a family affair when I am the only naked person in the room. It is just very personal to me. Also, my Dad is a Dr. and probably could not keep his opinions to himself on how to care for me.  
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  • I think it's just going to be DH and I. My mom will stress me out too much and besides that she lives 5 hours away anyways, so she would probably not get here in time. I thought about having MIL but if we have her then my mom would be pissed if she wasn't there. It's either both or nither, sorry MIL. Unless my mom is for sure not going to make it in time, then we might sneak MIL in and just tell her not ever to speak about it in front of my mom.
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  • Just DH.  I even ask the family to not come to the hospital until we call.  I loved spending the first hours alone with our LOs.  We will do the same this time.  Thankfully our hospital is awesome about keeping guests out of your room.
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  • Just DH and I. ?My mom always says that the delivery should be btw husband and wife, and that she will be behind the door waiting. ? She says gets to be the first one in once she gets the okay for us.
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  • Just my husband, my cho-cho is not up for public display.  Friends and family can see the baby all they want AFTER the birth.
  • DH and I talked about this way before I got pregnant. ?At the max it will be DH, my mother and my sister. ?The thing is my mom and sister both said that it was up to me and that they know that during the delivery I may not want anyone in there at all (my sister has 3 kids and I was there for all of them cuz her husband couldn't deal with it). ? I don't know how my MIL or SIL are going to take it though, but my husband is okay with whatever I decide. ?


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  • Well my hubby wants his mom in there but I think it would be good if it was only him n I in there. I don't think my grandma would be confy in there...So I just want him and the doctors lol...Maybe my mom but i'm not that close to her so idk...
  • Just DH. ?Part of me would love to have my mom there, but DH isn't so keen on the idea and my mom also lives across the country, so it would be difficult practically to arrange to have her there.
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