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Question from 2nd tri for those that are 32-33 weeks along.

Hi ladies, This summer my friends are planning to attend a concert that is held outside and you have to do about two miles of walking (some uphill). I'm determined to go and have fun one last time before baby arrives, but now I'm starting to think what if I'll be too tired/big to do that. I will be 32 1/2 weeks along. For those that are this far along how do you feel and would you attend the concert. I'm expecting my first child so I really don't know what to expect. Thanks in advance!

Re: Question from 2nd tri for those that are 32-33 weeks along.

  • i feel well enough to go.  but i would definitely want to be able to sit somewhere if necessary. i'm finding that the heels of my feet get really sore.

  • Is there shade?  I would say you should be fine but if you are outside all day long walking in the summer heat it might get a little much for you.  Thats how i felt at the Mile high Music festival last year, it was hot enough, if i had been pregnant i don't think i would have made it. 
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  • I go for a 3+ mile walk every morning, and I'm right at 32 1/2 weeks. I certainly can't go as fast as I used to before the pregnancy, but I can still handle it just fine. I would recommend you start walking a few days a week, if you aren't already, just so that it's easier for you come the summer time. I would be more worried about having somewhere comfortable to sit during the concert!
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  • I'm almost 32 weeks...and I would be fine with the walking.  I walk all the time - 2 miles wouldn't be a big deal.  My problem would most likely be getting tired later in the day - will you be standing a lot since the concert is outside?  Will there be a lot of drunk people around?  That would drive me nuts and I'm not sure I'd be having the great time I wanted to have. 
  • Yes, agreeing with the above posts, start walk now if you aren't doing any sort of exercise, make sure you can sit and rest a bit every so often and bring plenty of water.
  • Personally, a 2 mile walk uphill in the Houston area in the summer sounds like absolute torture to me.  Plus after my experience in crowds and their lack of observation of my bump, I am over joining in.  They have no idea how bad it can hurt when they smash into you.

    I have really slowed down the activities I participate in since about 30 weeks.  Just too tired.  That being said, if you are in shape and have been working out throughout your pregnancy you might really enjoy it.  I just wouldn't.



  • At 32 weeks I could have done it easily.  Just bring some water and maybe a hat or something for the sun.  Now at 35 weeks, I'm not sure if I could.
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  • I am almost there and I agree- if you exercise regularly you should be fine. I would be most concerned with shade and places to sit for a little bit.
  • As long as you have some good walking/running shoes than the walking will be fine.

    I'd be concerned about foot pain if you have to stand for a long time.


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  • I do a lot of walking now either outside or on my treadmill. I was just worried with having pains/pressure in my lower abdomen, but what do I know.It's a New Kids On the Block concert (yes I'm a dork) and last time I attended if was mostly women. I'm sure I'll go ahead and go.

    Thanks so much ladies!!

  • I went on a road trip with my husband at 32 weeks. We did a TON of walking on the trip.

    The important thing is to rest whenever you feel like it and to keep hydrated.

    I might also note I have had a healthy PG all along and have maintained moderate exercise.

    If you have had problems or aren't normally active, this might be a reason not to go.


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  • I would be fine with the walking, but wiould definitely need a comfortable place to sit.  Standing all day would probably be too much.  If it's hot, then you'll definitely need plenty of water and a fan.  I've started getting hot flashes and have my fan on almost all day, even though it's 50 degrees outside and the office is probably about 75 degrees.
  • I would have to tell the people with me to slow down cause I get out of breath so easy from walking. My only other concern at this point is back pain (just started about 2 weeks ago for me but now it is constant) so you may not be as comfy sitting on grass for a few hours as you previously would have.
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  • I would check with your doctor on concerts. I know that some docs are opposed to attending concerts b/c the baby can hear the loud noise and they may "bounce" around b/c they're not digging the noise. However, you are listening to music outside so if you don't sit near the speakers - you may be okay. I am 33-weeks along and pretty darn tired... but if you feel great - definitely attend all of the fun events you can before your lil' one comes in the world. :o)
  • I could definitely do the walking, but I've slowed down lately. Allow more time than normal (and you may want to warn your friends, if any of them are super anxious). Oh, and ditch the cute shoes. Wear something comfortable.

    My biggest concern about going to something like that (aside from the noise for baby) is being comfortable during the concert. I dehydrate quickly; it will be vital for you to have ample water, particularly if it's going to be hot. I also don't find it comfortable to sit for long periods, particularly in some positions. I'm most comfortable if I can stand for a while, sit for a while, and maybe even walk around a bit. And like pp said, I poop out pretty early these days. 10 pm is my limit - although I sometimes am able to eek out a little more if I am really excited about what I am doing. Oh, and if you can, bring a couple of granola bars. Somedays I'm not extra hungry, and others I need food constantly. I can totally see myself spending the whole concert in food lines and spending $60 on crap.

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  • image 05/06:

    I do a lot of walking now either outside or on my treadmill. I was just worried with having pains/pressure in my lower abdomen, but what do I know.It's a New Kids On the Block concert (yes I'm a dork) and last time I attended if was mostly women. I'm sure I'll go ahead and go.

    Thanks so much ladies!!

    Is it at the Toyota Center or the Woodlands Pavilion? (I'm from the Woodlands originally). I definitely feel up to walking 2 miles right now. I spent 7 hours walking around at Sea World recently and went to the zoo on Sunday. I was drained at the end of the day.

    The main issue is definitely the heat. If it's at the pavilion and you are on the hill, then you won't have any shade. I would bring lots of water, wear a hat, maybe even bring an umbrella for shade. Houston summers can be miserable and at this point, I get dizzy walking for long periods of time in the heat, but I am fine walking on a treadmill everyday. Just take breaks and sit down if you get dizzy. You'll be fine!

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