3rd Trimester

What are you packing in your hospital bag?

I have read some checklists but wanted tips on what I really need? What  are you bringing for clothes?

Re: What are you packing in your hospital bag?

  • maternity bra -- no underwire -- and nursing pads


    hair ties/clips or bobby pins

    mousse for my hair (I have super curly hair so I?m just going to scrunch it and go)

    shampoo/soap/body/face wash (travel size)


    Makeup (questionable)



    2 Tanktop/Cami

    2 Tshirt

    2 Track/sweat pants

    Zip-up hoodie

    3 Socks

    Panty pads (you can use our hospitals but most of the girls suggest bringing overnight pads)


    3 pairs of panties you don?t care if they get ruined

    Change/dollar bills for vending machine


    Cell phone charger

    Tucks pads

    flip flops for shower


    For Baby-


    Diaper Bag


    -Sleepers, onsies, socks, hats, mittens-

    -Receiving blankets

    -Thicker blanket

    -Car seat cover (we just had a foot of snow fall, so we need it)

  • I'm packing pretty general stuff, but some of the other things I'm packing are a bikini swimming suit top (to hold the girls up during that first shower - a friend told me it was a lifesaver), a ton of batteries for cameras (for after delivery - lol) , and snacks for DH so he has zero excuses to leave my side. :-)

  • Great list so far.  I'll add massage oil/lotion for labor, and I second the swimsuit top, our hospital has whirlpool tubs in each room that I totally plan to use during labor!

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  • I wouldn't bring pads and panties. Make sure any pants you bring are pants you don't mind getting blood on (I brought a pair of black pj pants). I also wore home the same thing I wore in, but I was induced. Bring two outfits for baby-- one newborn and one 0-3. You won't need receiving blankets either, the hospital provides those. Baby spends the time in the hospital swaddled in a blanket in a side-snap shirt so you'll really only need whatever clothes you want to bring him/her home in.?
  • My list this time will be pretty darn short......

    #1: two things of chapstick (the air is dry and the breathing while in labor killed my lips)

    #2: Shower shoes.....I just couldn't take a shower in there and I'm not a germaphobe, but everyone in those showers has been bleeding....so, that grossed me out.

    #3: slippers

    #4: one bathrobe, one pair of PJ's, (stuff that fit at around 4-5 months PG)few pairs of socks

    #5: hairbrush, toohbrush and paste

    #6: my own pillow....I couldn't sleep on theirs

    (I'll wear home what I wear there)

    #7: just one outfit for baby to come home in  (we went right home, so we didn't need anything else... it was a 20 min ride and we had some things they gave us to take home)

    And I really think that's the important stuff.  My DH went home to shower and could have gotten me whatever else I needed...and this time he has to get home to put DS#1 to bed and wake up at home with him....so, getting extra things isn't a problem.

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  • The only clothes I'm taking with me are the ones I'll be leaving in (and the ones I arrive in).

    A few pair of socks


    Quite a few pair of underwear...I'm sure they'll need changed often.

    Overnight Pads

    Nursing bras/Nursing Pads


    Camera/Battery Charger/Card Reader to transfer photos

    Video camera and charger

    Cell phone/charger

    Some make-up for when guests start to arrive (pictures will be around forever, i'd like to look half-way decent)



    Hair ties

    Shampoo/Conditioner (I plan to buy some travel sizes or buy travel size containers)

    Hair dryer

    Lotion (also travel size)

    ...That's all I can think of off the top of my head.


    For Baby:

    Baby Book for Footprints

    A few onesies (different sizes)

    A few sleepers (also different sizes)

    A beanie hat I had made for him with his name on it. 

    Car seat/base

    ...The hospital will have the rest such as diapers, pacifiers, formula (if I need it)

    We'll probably take a diaper bag too and just leave it in the car.




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