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Morning Sickness, Afternoon Sickness & Nightime Sickness

Hi Ladies- I am about 6-7 weeks a long and I am feeling really sick.....around the clock.  I was wondering if you could share what has worked for you.  I am eating every carb in site and drinking lots of water with lemon (only way I can get the water down).  I ordered preggie pops and they should be here today.  Any other suggestions.......I will try anything.Ick!

Re: Morning Sickness, Afternoon Sickness & Nightime Sickness

  • Saltines and Ginger Ale helped me. If you aren't able to keep anything down I'd call your doctor and they can probably give you something to help.
  • I can keep things down.  I just feel sick to my stomach 24/7. 
  • I have the same problem- My massage therapist recommended putting ginger on my food. You really can't taste it and it does help a little (at least it did when I tried it yesterday).  I also found chewing peppermint gum calms my stomach- the nausea doesn't disappear completely but it helps make it tolerable.  I use lemon water too but it only helps if I sip it when I wake up during the night... I have to drink it constantly to keep the nausea controllable.

    Good Luck!

  • Eating all of those carbs isn't helping.  I had horrible "All Day Sickness" (as I called it) for 10 weeks.  My OB said that I needed to eat more protein.  The carbs give you a little jolt, but then your sugars can crash and make the m/s worse.  So... try eating some peanuts or something...  best of luck.
  • I had the same problem from week 6-9.  I ate crackers or cereal around the clock and drank water.  I still felt bad, but I felt worse if I did not have anything in my stomach.  I started taking my PNV right before bed so that they would not increase my nausea any, and I also avoided places that smelled strongly.  Of course that means no going out to eat, and poor hubby hasen't had a home cooked meal in a long time, but I never lost my crackers, always kept them down!
  • If the preggie pops and ginger ale doesn't work try giner tea and you can also ask your doc for a rx I took Zofran for a while.  They say it may cause headaches but that only happened to me  twice and I think it was because I didn't sleep well the night before and had a busy day and didn't drink enough water.  On both day I just went home after work and slept for an hour or two.
  • I'm not sure anything truly helps but my OB said to try and keep something in my stomach at all times, eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day instead of just 3 big meals. Also, he said to stay away from spicy or high fat/greasy foods as he advised they tend to make it worse. Nothing helped me really besides the crackers, they just really made it a little more tolerable. Hopefully it will go away for you sooner than later, I'm just starting to feel better now. I used to have to eat something before I even got out of bed in the morning because I felt so bad. Good Luck...hope you can find something that helps.
  • I am in the same boat always ?nauseous and just not loving food. ?I have not tossed my cookies yet but the nausea is driving me nuts. ?Sometimes ritz crackers and ginger ale help a little. ?
  • peppermints are my best friend.
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  • I was going to start a post on this very topic.  I am in the worst place right now with morning sickness!  All I do is feel bad.  And the extreme nausea turned to actual vomiting about 2 weeks ago.  I vomit after almost every meal.  I find myself eating just so I have something to actually throw up.  I cant wait to feel better.  It is really starting to wear on me.
  • I am with you! I am sick all day long! Maybe sometimes I have a little break from noon-4:30pm but then it is right back. I also started throwing up daily about 2 weeks ago. I wish I had a miracle cure bu I don't. Nothing seems to help me this time. With my last pregnancy, I had success with ginger ale, saltines before I got out of bed, preggie pops, eating a little something every 2-3 hours, and also sour things ( I always kept Sour Patch Kids around...don't know why but they made me feel better). I hope you feel better soon!
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  • I am just 6 weeks and started feeling like this yesterday.  I really hope it eases up sooner rather than later.  It's the worst!  I have no appetite for food but eat because I have to.  I haven't thrown up yet *knock on wood*, which is good but totally know where you're coming from.  I'll pray for all of us that we get through this quickly. Ick!

  • Its been about a week and I am miserable......I heard it last until week 12.  Not sure I can do 5 more weeks like this.  I usually go to the gym 5 days a week.  Its so hard to get motivated now.  Not going to the gym is getting me down as well. 
  • Gingerale or flat coke helped with my first baby, Sea bands with my second and my OB has offered me Zofran with this one.  It is safe for baby (my 1 yr old son takes it for motion sickness) and it is non sedative, so you won'd feel anymore tired than you already do.  Hope these help. :)
  • Ginger Ale, B6 and gum were my saviors for around the clock m/s.  Good luck.
  • try b-6 tabs..i tried them and think they are helping a bit
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  • I haven't had any trouble keeping things down, but nausea loves to hit strong and randomly, so I just try my best to eat small things constantly so my blood sugar doesn't get low (which causes the nausea due to one of the lovely hormones we have now), which is hard when I am nauseous and food is the last thing I want to think about. Like now. Nothing sounds goode but i need to eat sommmmmething =
  • I know my nausea comes when I wait too long to eat.  Carry some crackers around with you and munch some every now and then. Also, keep some by your bed and have a few before you get up in the morning.  That may help as well. Cheezits have become my best friend.
  • I have it around the clock, its almost like an all day hang over..my doctor prescribe Zofran, It has helped wonders, its so nice not to be throwing up all evening long..
  • I just thought of something else- try eating a piece of  cheese in the morning with the crackers (before you get out of bed). My friend tried it and she said it helped wonders  bc of the protein (didn't work so well for me). 

    My sister swears by Lemon Propel but its too sweet for me.

    I started eating dry cereal in the AM (its kashi smart start or something) and I eat little handfuls at a time before work, on my way to work, and for about the first hour of work.  I get hungry about an hour later and eat some pretzels.  I usually have to work my way up to lunch- eating a little more each time but its worked for three days in a row so far- which is very unusual for me.  I pretty much can't eat anything that has a smell bc it turns my stomach so the more basic the better (dry cereal, grapes, granola bars, etc.) 

    I agree with the carbs thing- your body processes them quickly so you are more likely to have low blood sugar which makes the nausea significantly worse and can actually cause vomiting. 

     Good Luck!

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