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NBR: RN's I have a question

This is for those of you that work in the hospital floor setting as opposed to an outpatient area.

Crash Carts in your facility--how many crashcarts do you have per department?  What kind of hallways do you work on--like a short hall and a long hall?  Do you have one cart for each hall? 

Right now we have a 24 bed unit--8 ICU beds and 16 SDU beds and we have two crash carts.  One sits in SDU one sits in ICU with our SDU beds on spread among 8 rooms in a short hallway; and our ICU beds in a little cluster around the nurses station.  At the new place facility they're building, there are 2 crash carts for a 32 bed (all private rooms) combine SDU/ICU with the hallways looking like a T--the short hall holds the two carts.  So if there's a code down at the end of the LONG hall--and these are LONG halls--it's going to take an absurd amount of time to get the cart down there.  Seems kinda silly to only have 2 and for them both to be located in the same place...agree?

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