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Morning Sickness

I am in my 9w and still feeling very sick.  I do get sick normally 2 times a day.  In the morning and in the evening after dinner.  Is this normal and does anyone have any suggestions?

My mom keeps saying she thinks it might be 2 babies in their because she does not remember being this sick.  O dont go for our 1st u/s until 12w, so I can't check on what my mom is predicting.  Tongue Tied


Re: Morning Sickness

  • I haven't heard about twins but I have heard that bad m/s can ben indicitive of a girl.... it's all a bunch of bologne.
  • m/s is completely normal.  I think predicting twins or the sex by how much or little m/s you have is completely ridiculous.  My sister had horrible m/s the first time with a boy, and hardly any with her second, which is a girl.  I've had horrible m/s but find that 1/2 a tablet of unisom taken at night helps tremendously!  Good luck!
  • How long are you waiting between meals? I only tend to feel super sick if I have waited too long between meals. That would be morning after sleeping all night and I tend to not eat between lunch and dinner. I'm working on that.

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  • Morning sickness is completely normal. My mother had absolutely NO m/s. I have it big time and am not carrying twins.

    Try: Drinking ginger tea or chewing on dry ginger, sour candies like Jolly Ranchers, or taking a Vitamin B6 supplement (25mg).

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  • I totally understand your pain.  I wake up with it, deal with it all day long and  go to bed with it. If I wake up during the night, I'm nauseated. Whatever helps one day, doesn't help the next- and I'm only six weeks right now.  The doctor recommended eating something small every two hours but that isn't working either.  I've tried just about EVERYTHING except acupuncture and acupressure- but they're beginning to look good right now.  To make matters worse, we're trying not to tell until the first trimester is over so no one understands why I'm so sick all the time! 

     The doctor did mention a medicine that can be prescribed if necessary. 

    Also- have you tried preggy pops or aromatherapy?  Lemon and peppermint are supposed to be helpful.  They haven't worked for me but everyone is different.

     Good Luck!  

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