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When to buy maternity clothes?

I am only 6 wks so I know I dont need them yet. Did anyone buy clothes right away to take advantage of sales? Or should I wait until I acutally need them?
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Re: When to buy maternity clothes?

  • I think it is okay to buy *some* right away. 

    But you never know where you are going to gain your weight (some people gain in their thighs and butt too) or how you are going to carry your belly (high, low)- so if you buy too much, some of it might be worthless.

    And I found that clothes that fit in 2nd tri- didn't fit in 3rd tri- and I had to get some new ones.

  • I wore a Tummy Tube the majority of my pregnancy so I didn't have to buy maternity pants and shorts. It worked great except in the back when I would sit or bend over- the band would ride up in the back. To solve that problem I used handy little clips called Pocket Dots ( that held my band in place.

    I think maternity pants can be pretty baggy. I much rather wear my regular pants unzipped! Those maternity bands and Pocket Dots made my pregnancy so comfortable and saved me a lot of money!!

  • Buy maternity clothes when you start feeling uncomfortable in your own.  Why not take advatage of some sales.

    I have found Japanesse weekend pant are a great fit, have that stretch where you need it and don't slide down as much, they look nice.  You feel better when you have clothes on that fit.  And you don't have to deal with have your regular pants open.

    Check out they have a good selection of maternity clothes.

  • I bought quite a few things early in my pregnancy, and while the basics are ok (black pants, comfy pant, knit skirts, etc.)  I wouldn't buy too many tops.  T-shirts are okay, but I dress up for work, and a lot of what I purchased just doesn't look very good on me now that I have the belly.  I've learned that I like maternity tops that are cut a certain way.  Most places don't let you return either, so that kinda stinks.  You need to think about what season you will be needing clothes too because most of what's on sale now is summer clothes, and you will probably be wearing winter clothes.
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