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Special Treatment

I know we all have complaints on people giving us dumb advice, touching our bellies, being nosy, etc...but what extra special treatment have you gotten? My husband has been really supportive and excited and doesn't mind when he comes home and I am asleep or when I'm ready for a nap three hours after starting our day. It's also fun to see him get excited over our daughter and take care of me in a special way. Also people at work have been nicer in general. I'm trying to think positively as I am late in the game and getting really tired of being pregnant....


Re: Special Treatment

  • No one will let me lift a single thing EVER! Even in the super market the cashier asked the boy who was bagging my groceries to place them in my cart for me. DH has been absolutely wonderful. Anytime I need something he gets it for me. He washes dishes, does laundry! He is so wonderful.
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  • DH is great. For example, last night I made dinner and sat down with him to eat. Then I got up and started doing dishes. I finished washing and was going to dry, but he wouldn't let me--he insisted on letting them air dry and he'd put them away today. Then he made up the couch for me to lay on. He put my feet in his lap and gave me a foot rub!

    This one guy on the light rail offered me his seat about a month ago, too. No one before that and no one since has done that. It felt really nice to know that a man (or person) is still willing to give up their seat for someone who seems to be more in need. (I didn't sit cuz it was almost time to get off.)

  • i've had a few people in public restrooms offer to let me go in front of them when there are lines for the stalls! i gladly accept and usually they acknowledge that they "know how it feels" :)
  • Aside from the fact that no one will let me do anything (people wait on me hand and foot, which is nice, but I'm not used to it so it's kind of weird)...

    I was walking into the mall to go to work a couple of weeks ago, and a guy stopped me and said, "Ma'am, if it will save you a walk, you should park in the 'expectant mothers' parking spot in the front up there."  I'm not allowed to park there because I work at the mall, but of course I thanked him profusely! 

  • My husband isn't as good maybe!?!  He doesn't do anything unless I specifically ask him when it comes to house chores.  He's good about rubbing me, when I ask, with just a slight attitude.  I have given him a guilt trip recently about that.  I said I always expected him to spoil me rotten when I got pregnant and that's not how it's been.  It worked for a little bit.  I'm gonna have to do that again after reading about your husbands. 

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