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Clogged duct

Re: Clogged duct

  • A warm wash cloth and gentle massage, if that doesn't help, hop in the shower
  • I would actually say a hot wet washcloth - frequently until it's gone.  Also hot water directly on your boob in the shower and massage in the shower - you can also soap up your boob and take a comb and drag it over the clog toward your nipple (this can help to break up the clog - use a dull comb so you don't scratch yourself!)  A hot wet washcloth over your boob while you pump - lots of massage and compression while you pump too.  You can take a little ibuprofen to help with the pain.  You want to get rid of this because you don't want it to get infected and turn into mastitis - which will make you very sick and you'll need antibiotics.  So work that clog out!  Massage in the shower will hurt but do it anyway - you gotta bust that thing up and get milk flowing out of that duct again.

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  • Aggressive pumping - I do compressions and pump more frequently and longer than usual to get it out. Sometimes I'll even switch my double pump to the single setting and just work that side. I know Igot it because the hardness goes away and all of a sudden Ijust got a ton a milk from that side. If it's really bad and doesn't go away in the first pumping session, I'll do a warm compress before doing the next one, do compressions again while pumping and usually I can pump until it's gone.
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  • Ouch

     The tips you've already received are good ones.  Jump in the shower and use soapy water to help work through it.  GOod luck, clogged ducts SUCK.

  • I used warm compresses consistently until the clogg was gone.  I pumped more than usual on that side and I even added pressure directly to the lump while I was pumping with a warm compress and was able to break it free that way.  It was instant relief. 
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