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non religious baptism gift ideas?

we have a niece's baptism coming up & it is their first child, we will be sending $ but I thought something thoughtful in addition would be nice. However, MH & I are not religious, so sending something religious-like would seem kind of weird to me. I have seen some nice blankets that you can have embroidered w/ stuff (bible verses if you choose, baptism date, etc) but I don't think they probably need yet another blanket & couldn't use it at the baptism anyway, we can't make it there.

Any things you received or have given that were nice/special but not religious in nature?

Re: non religious baptism gift ideas?

  • We have nine nieces and nephews, so we've been to a lot of baptisms! If we don't do money/college fund donation, we usually just give them a nice children's book. We try to keep it more educational and not give toys. Other nice gifts I've seen some receive are those painted piggy banks personalized with their names.
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  • one of  the most meaningful gifts we got for our sons baptism was a donation to several charities.  I think on was Nets to fight Malaria, and another was one to a group that helps clean water for developing countries.
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  • We got a small tree/sapling with a cute poem about "growing" from one uncle. that was cute.
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  • I always do something engraved, like a baseball bank for a boy or a teddy bear bank for a girl. Another favorite is an engraved "treasure box." They are decorative painted boxes for the baby to keep their special things in when they get older. Our little ringbearer is 4 know and he loves it! All of them are available at I love that store. Some days I think I single handedly keep them in business.

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  • We just had our baby's baptism this past weekend and a few non religious gifts we got were a children's wooden rocking chair for when she gets bigger and a silver tea cup engraved with her name and date of birth.
  • I would give money and then the first price Noah's Ark Little People play set.
  • My dd got mostly religious things but one that was not was a very nice silver spoon. You could also get a nice picture frame or some books, Berenstein Bears has a lot of cute books about being a good person.
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  • I usually do money for a college fund or a gift certificate to  This pottery studio offers a lot for baby ideas- they ship all over so the location isn't too important. 

     I have also custom ordered baptism plates and "birth announcement" plates from them with the baby name and date of birth or christening date.  So, the design doesn't have to be religious but the plate or whatever you choose can have the date of the christening somewhere on it. 

    The designs are so adorable- there are a variety of animals and they do this funny cartoon/sock puppet version of the animals- I can't explain it but I love the style.

     So, those are my ideas!  Here is the web site if you choose to order something or purchase a gift certificate.


    Good luck!

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