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If you have a cold and bad headacheds.........

I  have been sick with a cold for about a week. I  have a lot of congestion and bad sinus headaches. I called my doctors office on thursday  and the nurse told me i could take sudafed and she name a couple of other cold medicines. I work full time and was frustrating of the running nose and headaches. I just started feeling guilty for taking sudafed and tylenol. Most of my friends are like your not suppose to take anything.......so i feel kind of bad. Should i jsut though out the cold and headaches?

Re: If you have a cold and bad headacheds.........

  • I have been very sick also - completely stuffed up, fever, headaches, etc.  My doctor told me only to take tylenol and to just stick it out :(  I'm miserable, but that is what I'm doing.
  • I got a list from my OB's office when I went for my first visit and Tylenol is ok to take for headaches and Tylenol cold is ok for cold symptoms.  HTH!
  • THANKS i just dont want to harm the baby.............but i feel awful.
  • My doctor told me not to take anything in the first trimester unless I absolutely needed to. Every doctor is different though and i'm sure lots of people take stuff.  I haven't needed to take anything so I'm not sure if I would or not.
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  • please, just take tylenol and sudafed. i have been taking tylenol daily, and my OB actually laughed when i asked if it was dangerous for the baby. she said absolutely not!  please don't suffer anymore and take the meds!
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  • That makes me feel so much better. I do take tylenol almost as a daily dose.
  • I caught some kind of crud a few days ago. Thinking it was just a cold. I had a 101 temp by afternoon. I broke down(and hated the thought of taking them) and took 2 tylenol and I was so happy I did. My temp went away. My back quit hurting from being on bed rest. I got a list from the Dr. and it had about 10-12 ok OTC drugs on it. Now, I am coughing up stuff from chest congestion but feeling much better. I hope you get to feeling better too!!
  • I currently have a double ear infection and sinus infection (complete with facial swelling, nice). I was given the ok for sudafed and tylenol. I hate taking meds too, but I was seriously in tears last week because I was in so much pain. I couldn't sleep or eat. It was awful.
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  • I took one dose of sudafed, but what worked the best was saline nasal spray.  It was like a miracle!  The sudafed didn't help much.  Just nasal spray and cough drops.  The cough drops helped because I would cough and it would make me vomit and the coughing caused some pain in my lower stomach.
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