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*~*August Beach Babies Monday check-in*~*

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Hello Ladies! This is a check-in for Nesties with a due date in the month of August. If you would like to be added, please post your name and EDD. Also, if you want anything changed, please post your EDD along with your new info so it's easier to find your name on the list. Check-ins will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before 6am. Feel free to check-in any time that day. Give us a general update on your progress and anything else you want to add!! We will have a question of the day as well. There will also be a link to the check-in sometime after 3pm on M, W & F. 
Please tell me if you are NOT planning on finding out the sex/gender so I can go ahead and get "surprise" beside your name!!! If I do not get a "boy, girl or surprise or another explanation" from you by the beginning of May then I will remove you from the list so we will have active members remaining...
Total Members: 474
Boys: 40 or 8.4%
Girls: 38 or 8%
Surprises: 59 or 12.4%
Sets of Twins: 6!! 
Most Popular EDD: August 8th with 23 members!!!
2nd: August 18th and 20th with 22 members!!!
3rd: August 5th with 21 members!!!
Monday QOTD: What is your favorite Restaurant? 
Wednesday QOTD: Do you have any pets? 
Friday QOTD: Do you have any tattoos? 
-Any other news or progress?
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beccag517 ArmyBride0604
dyminsia Ashleigh1
Elise09 heatherlane
Heazzy Fergysferny
hjb76 Jenny3
johnsoar (July 31st)- Surprise!!! KaleenaD-Z- Surprise!!!
KC*luvs*RJ- BOY KatieTaylor77- GIRL
LacyLyn- BOY Krickatron
MelTaylor localbs05- Surprise!!!
Meridout Mckrog- Surprise!!!
Miriamyd MJ317- BOY
Oscarkat- BOY  MrsPreK- Surprise!!!
POEKPK NorBryDE- Surprise!!!
SamsonShopper pbgirl423
SCBride2007- GIRL PediNurse03
SWB110307 Reesiebaby
Resa77063- GIRL 
August 2 (16) SoleilMoon
aniceucchik- BOY wowitssarah
erin1014 August 17 (19)
JnicMTek- GIRL  anklassen
judgeandjury AshNicole331
JuneBug2007- GIRL  Augbaby2009- Surprise!!!
Kateaud- GIRL bensuswed
kenitaw248- GIRL brads_bride
Lisa523 Breezer80
Mary and Dave- BOY CariannelovesTim
mom713 DebbieMc
mrsDinMarch07- BOY jessandbrandond
msngrl2008 MrsBenke2B
Partyof5 mrscallalily
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aler22- GIRL  pmdtcnj
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aroberts7106- BOY sprice88
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oohlalagirl- Surprise!!! SafetyWife07- GIRL

Jacob Alexander 7/23/09
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Re: *~*August Beach Babies Monday check-in*~*

  • Hi guys!

    It was Mothers Day yesterday in Ireland. I had a lovely day! DH made me a lovely card and DS gave me a daffodil he picked from the garden Big Smile We then went to see Lazy Town Live! and had popcorn (major craving for the last few weeks!) and then got a McDonalds! It was a day of heavenly junk food! We also visited our Mums.

    I had a major melt down on Saturday as I hadn't felt the baby kick yet. I keep convincing myself that there is something wrong because I had already felt my 2 boys at this stage, but the around 1am on Mothers Day I think I felt it, twice! I haven't felt it since, but please God I will feel it again soon.

    Monday QOTD: What is your favorite Restaurant?  I love TGI Fridays and of course McDonalds...if you can call them restaurants!! LOL

    image image

    L-R: Liam (7), Eimhin (6) and Fionn (4)!  (Irish names)
    Too busy to update the pics for now ... :)

  • Good morning. I'm doing okay. I woke up with stomach pains, I think it was just a stomach ache, but it was weird because when I stood up it went away and when I laid down again it came back.?

    Question of the day: My favorite restaurant is Outback Steakhouse?

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  • I woke up with stomach pains too :( It happens a lot. I think it's just from sleeping. I haven't been able to get comfortable at night. My big U/S is Thursday and I can't wait! Luckily it's in the morning and I took the whole day off from work :)

    My favorite restaurant is Applebee's or Lonestar.

  • My favorite restaurant is my own kitchen!
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  • This is the first time Ive been around at 6ish to reply to one of these!!

    I'm having trouble getting comfortable at night, and waking up alot more, otherwise things are going well. We have the big sono on friday, I'm so excited!!!

    My favorite restaurant is this little hole in the wall italian place in DC....mmmmm

  • Right now my favorite restaurant is Qdoba. Anything that is hot and spicy covered in cheese - I'll take it.

  • Also waking up with stomach issues, in fact, it's what wakes me up.

    Ditto to the little Italian place in our neighbourhood.

  • My name is Julie. I am due August 26th. I don't the sex yet, won't have the big U/S until April 21st :-( so just waiting patiently until then. We absolutely will be finding out the sex though! I am currently almost 18 weeks preggo & am feeling pretty good (well, for today at least). Oh, and my favorite restaurant is probably either Tokyo (local place) or Longhorn. However, I have really been craving Pancho's like the whole time I've been preggo so I guess that is on the list too. It's too hard to pick just one!?
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  • QOTD:  Hmm, it's so hard to choose.  It's a tie between two local restaurants.  One is a Portuguese restaurant and the other is Italian-American.  Yummy!
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  • I am feeling great, but I think I popped again over the weekend! My belly is huge! Big u/s is Wednesday!

    My favorite would be a few local places... Los Sarapes Mexican and Tomatoes Italian

  • Hmmmm....favorite restaurant? Hard to pick just one, but I would have to say Texas Road House.
  • Monday QOTD: What is your favorite Restaurant?  i love this local restaraunt called calloways, i used to waitress there for years!  and for a very pricy meal Morton's steak house is delicious!
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  • Id have to say Olive Garden.

    We have the big u/s on friday! I hope this week flys by!!!

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  • Busy week for me! Today is my midwife appt., Saturday is big u/s and sometime this week I need to find time to get bloodwork done! 

    Favorite restaurant...hard to pick just one!  Makeda, an awesome Ethiopian restaurant, Bensi for Italian...the list can continue but I'll stop at two! 

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  • I had my big u/s friday and all is well except m,y placenta is low.  My MD said there is nothing to worry about or do for it as it will catch up.  We didn't find out and I don't think our baby wanted us to anyhow....kept his/her legs crossed the whole time.  Everything is going well and we are so excited.  

    I had lost weight at the beginning of my pregnancy b/c of m/s and eating better ( and no beer).  Well I gained it back in the lst 6 weeks=(.  Not that I am treating this pregnancy as diet, I just realized I have been making bad food choices (ice cream almost everyday?!??!) so I am going to spend today making some changes.  Any tips?

    Speaking of food, I love all Italian restaurants ( hence the weight gain!) 


  • Good morning, ladies!  I also had my big ultrasound on Friday and add me to TEAM BLUE!  I would have loved a daughter, but am thrilled to be having a little boy. Smile

    As for favorite restaurant... I'll go with chain resataurant. I love The Cheesecake Factory. Not only for the yummy cheesecake, but for the varied menu. I love "American" food.

    And to mckrog... just eat better from now on. If you think you're making poor choices (and I'm in the same boat) just stop it now. Not to keep weight gain down but to be HEALTHY.   When I think that way, that I'm eating better for my son, it really helps.


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  • Happy Monday.

    I had a fantastic weekend, our offer on a house was accepted, so now it's dealing with the details.  In the meantime we're planning out how the baby's room will look, and starting to buy stuff for her.  We also did a lot more on the registry.  Best of all, we finally decided on a name, Alexandra Jane.  She'll be called Alex or AJ, since I prefer Alex and H prefers AJ.  Also, Alex has been very active lately so that's fun.

     Favorite Restaurant: I can't decide on that one, probably a local brick oven pizza joint, but since I want any food someone else mentions, I can't pick just one place.

  • Good morning ladies. 

     I don't think I have a favorite restaurant.  I love little whole in the wall places that offer local food depending on the region.  The is a place in Monroe, Louisiana which I still crave but haven't had in 10 years.  They had the best homemade hushpuppies and red snapper!  So I will go with them......The Warehouse is/was the name.


  • It's a boy! ?Also, please change my EDD to 8/19/09. ?Thanks!
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  • Monday QOTD: What is your favorite Restaurant? Right now I am not liking any hot food really...I do like Outback, TGI Fridays and Red Robin.
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  • Good Morning! I have to agree that I dont have a "favorite" resteraunt. I love to cook & H & I have decided that I am pretty close to chef material!! haha. So, pretty much any good food that I crave/want, I feel like I can make it just as good, if not better than the resteraunts. I do love seafood though.

    I am so excited for our BIG u/s on Thursday. It is in the AM, and I wish I had taken the day off of work, but instead I am going to make the filled cupcakes and bring them in to the office. Cant wait!

  • Hi everyone! :) My favorite restaurant is either Miyako or Sake (two local Japanese restaurants) b/c I love sushi :)

    In other news... I am calling to try to switch to a midwife today if possible so I am excited abotu that.  We start our Bradley Method classes tonight w/ our doula and I got a message from myregistry.comthis morning that our first purchase was bought! I have no idea who since now many know about it yet!

  • What is your favorite Restaurant? I wquld have to say, hands down, Strings Italian Restaurant. We just went there last night and it was so delicious. I love their stuffed shells in marinara and alfredo sauce. It's delicious!

    Our BIG u/s is TOMORROW! I'm so excited and cannot wait! We had decided to tell family members on Easter, which is a little less than 3 weeks away, but they're already asking if we found out or when we're going to find out. Our answer is hopefully soon! But it can be anytime up to 22 weeks. We have something fun planned to tell them all, so once we find out I have a project to do, which I'm actually excited to have a project to do, so this should be fun.

    Hopefully with baby's cooperation tomorrow I'll be able to tell on Wednesday!
  • QOTD: too many, it depends on the mood. I like to eat out at restaurants but more for convenience than romance. When we go to fancy restaurants I usually end up complaining and then recreating the dish, better, at home.

     New pic in siggy from yesterday! :) I can't believe how huge this new ON dress makes me look! :)


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  • Hello!

    QOTD: Red Lobster and Benihana are 2 of my favorite's.

    My big u/s is scheduled for April 1st! I can't wait!!!!

  • Morning ladies! I've been feeling great, got to go home to Louisiana this weekend, so everyone got to see the 'bump' for the first time. I definitely popped last weekend, so that was exciting! Our big U/S is this Thursday at 2, but I'm leaving work at noon b/c my sister is flying in for it! QOTD: Definitely Olive Garden, I love their Lasagna & breadsticks!
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  • Good morning ladies!! :Let's hope Monday goes by quick!!

    We had our big U/S last Tuesday and we are having a GIRL!! Very excited!!!


    QOTD- this is hard....can change any minute of the day.....probably anything mexican!! Big Smile

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  • Good Morning! We have our second big ultrasound today! At the first one the tech said she thinks it might be a boy, but was not positive, so Hopefully today we will find out for sure! Big Smile

    My favorite restaurant is California Pizza Kitchen. Yum!

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  • Hummm...I have several favorite restaurants and it all depends on the mood I am in.  The ones that come to mind right now are Carrabba's (when not pregnant), Outback, Zaxby's, Parker's Barbeque in Greenville, NC, and Cold Stone.

    I am so excited today b/c my big U/S is in 4.5 hours!!!  I can hardly stand the wait!

  • ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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